Here’s How Strong Your Sex Drive Is, According to Your Zodiac Sign

When you’re swiping on Tinder or saying yes to a date, there’s a decent chance you evaluate your romantic or sexual zodiac compatibility with a potential partner — but have you ever considered comparing your zodiac signs’ sex drives?

That’s right. When it comes to how often you want to have sex, your libido isn’t the only thing that plays a major role — your zodiac sign does, too. Apparently, some zodiac signs are likely to have more sex than others simply because they crave it more. Other signs are known to have sex that’s unforgettable, hot, and fiery, leaving their partners wanting more (can you guess which one?). Of course, everyone’s libido is naturally different and can be affected by a multitude of other things, such as substance use, stress, and medications (even hormonal birth-control pills, which is kind of ironic). But it’s certainly possible that your (or your partner’s) astrological sun sign can clue you into the rate at which you want to get it on.

Curious about how your zodiac sign affects your sex life? Here’s a ranking of the signs’ sex drives from highest to lowest, according to astrologer Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells, founder of KnowTheZodiac. No matter what’s written in the stars, take this as your sign to enjoy the pleasure you deserve.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes and Theresa Massony


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