Tribe Nine Voice Actors, Complete List Of Japanese And English Tribe Nine Voice Actors

Tribe Nine 

Kazutaka Kodaka founded the Tribe Nine multimedia franchise in Japan. It will include a video game created by Too Kyo Games and released by Akatsuki, as well as an anime television series produced by Liden Films that will launch in January 2022. There will also be a webtoon. Tribe Nine is set in a dystopian future (the year 20XX) in which unorganized youths create their Tribes, which quickly turn violent and terrorize Neo-Tokyo.

To quell the unrest, Neo-government Tokyo brings out the “XB Law,” which states that all future disagreements between Tribes would be resolved by games of “Extreme Baseball,” which will be judged by Robots. The games are similar to baseball, with the exception that there are fewer equipment requirements, the “field” can be as large as a whole ward, and the only methods to achieve an Out are to strike out the batter or knock out a baserunner while holding the ball. The game can also be called off if the opposition pitcher is knocked out.

Tribe Nine Voice Actors Japanese

Here is a list of Tribe Nine Voice Cast,

Tribe Nine Voice Cast Characters
Shun Horie Haru Shirokane
Akira Ishida Shun Kamiya
Chiharu Sawashiro Taiga
Mai Fuchigami Saori Arisugawa
Mutsumi Tamura Santarō Mita 
Fukushi Ochiai Manami Daimon
Shōya Chiba Kazuki Aoyama
Hiroshi Naka Tenshin Ōtori
Junichi Suwabe Ōjirō Ōtori
Mikako Komatsu Yuī Kamiki
Kentarō Kumagai Hyakutarō Senju
Toshiki Masuda Rankichi Umeda
Shunsuke Takeuchi Tatsuto Tatsunuma
Yuichi Nakamura Yajirobe Ueno
Daisuke Ono Hanafuda Sakura
Junta Terashima Fucho Sonoda
Reina Kondō Enoki Yukigaya
Yukihiro Nozuyama Kiyoshiro Haneda
Kenichirō Matsuda Roku Saigo
Gakuto Kajiwara Kai Asahikawa
Wataru Komada Yutaka Gotanda
Misato Murai Minami Oi
Kensho Ono Eiji Todoroki

Tribe Nine Voice Actors English

Here is a list of Tribe Nine Voice Actors English

Tribe Nine Voice Cast Characters
Casey Mongillo Haru Shirokane
Jacob Hopkins Shun Kamiya
Phillip Sacramento Taiga
Brittney Karbowski Saori Arisugawa
Kevin Thelwell Santarō Mita 
Brendan Blaber Manami Daimon
Unknown Kazuki Aoyama
Michael Sorich Tenshin Ōtori
Corpse Husband Ōjirō Ōtori
Amber Lee Connors Yuī Kamiki
Unknown Hyakutarō Senju
Unknown Rankichi Umeda
Unknown Tatsuto Tatsunuma
Tom Laflin Yajirobe Ueno
Kamran Nikhad Hanafuda Sakura
Unknown Fucho Sonoda
Unknown Enoki Yukigaya
Unknown Kiyoshiro Haneda
Unknown Roku Saigo
Unknown Kai Asahikawa
Valentine Stokes Yutaka Gotanda
Caitlyn Elizabeth Minami Oi
Unknown Eiji Todoroki

Tribe Nine Voice Cast

Corpse Husband, a popular YouTuber, and musician will make his voice-acting debut in the English adaptation of Tribe Nine, a new action sci-fi anime. He also shared his excitement for his impending role, saying that he couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to anime voice acting.

He’ll portray Oujiro Otori who is a mysterious masked criminal who threatens the futuristic Minato City’s stability and safety. In the English dub of Corpse Husband, voice performers like Jacob Hopkins (To Your Eternity), Casey Mongillo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN), Phillip Sacramento, and Brittney Karbowski (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) play Shun Kamiya, Haru Shirokane, Taiga, and Saori Arisugawa.

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Tribe Nine Voice Cast

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