10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s Late-Night Movie Marathon That Are Too Real

BTS‘s Jimin is currently recovering at home after being discharged from the hospital for COVID-19 and acute appendicitis surgery. Now he can rest up but also stay up all night if he wishes. So, last night/morning, he enjoyed a movie marathon.


Here are 10+ ARMY reactions that are too real that they are low-key hilarious…

1. Forgive us, Jimin

2. The roommates are divided

3. Don’t fix something if ain’t broken

4. Yeah, this scene is really beautiful…

5. Sure, we can go get breakfast…

6. No one makes Jimin cry!

7. Wow, we have something in common with Jimin

8. Jimin is a true romantic

9. It’s literally impossible not to catch feels for this man

10. How the conversation between J-Hope and Jimin probably went

11. King of live reacting

Read more about Jimin’s late-night movie marathon below:

It’s Official: BTS’s Jimin Is A Certified Romantic

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