10 Greatest House Films Like Lightyear

Warning: This text accommodates spoilers for Lightyear. 

Solely incomes $51 million on its opening weekend, Lightyear didn’t overtake Jurassic World Dominion on the field workplace. Regardless of this upset, Buzz’s escapades on T’Kani Prime don’t go to waste, because it joins a grand assortment of epic area movies. 

Together with the area themes, Lightyear takes its story “to infinity and past,” with Buzz and Alisha’s platonic friendship and time dilation as vital plot factors. Different area films like Interstellar and WALL-E have emulated related storylines – some inspiring the Pixar movie itself. 


First Man (2018)

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In First Man, NASA engineer Neil Armstrong places his life on the road, present process harmful flight assessments earlier than the historic expedition to the moon. Whereas conducting these assessments, Neil should additionally steadiness his household life, particularly as he nonetheless copes together with his daughter’s demise. 

Whereas Neil’s area flight is nothing in comparison with Lightyear, no mission is simple. Neil and Buzz face related challenges with the quite a few experimental failures – whether or not producing a functioning spacecraft or formulating the hyperdrive gas. But, each films current the humanity in each characters, exhibiting that life is greater than work. From Alisha to Neil’s family and friends, the folks they love are their motivation to maintain going whatever the frustrations. Neil’s story is personable, as Ryan Gosling’s uncooked efficiency depicts the astronaut coping with loss, grief, and closure.

Wall-E (2008)

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Although Lightyear might not be Pixar’s greatest film, others like WALL-E have near-flawless storytelling. Because the final robotic on Earth, WALL-E spends his time cleansing up the planet, the place he develops a persona alongside the best way. When EVE arrives on Earth to investigate the circumstances, WALL-E follows it to embark on an thrilling journey and start a brand new friendship. 

Whereas Lightyear sticks to its sci-fi themes, with aliens, robots, and time relativity, WALL-E has a much more significant premise that makes it a singular area film. Contemplating the movie showcases the terrible circumstances on Earth, it alludes to the warnings concerning local weather change. Whereas the area fee could not be any extra totally different, each movies signify friendship as a key issue within the character’s total arc. WALL-E and EVE’s playful relationship parallels Buzz and Alisha’s shut bond, setting the impetus for his or her galactic goals. 

Treasure Planet (2002)

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The enjoyable elements of area journey contain intergalactic journey, however Treasure Planet is a uncommon Disney gem that manages to mesh its area adventures with a treasure hunt. When a younger Jim Hawkins comes throughout a treasure map, he joins John Silver to uncover the hidden gold. 

Jim resonates with Buzz Lightyear when their tales finish with character progress and maturity from their experiences – Buzz promoted as an area ranger and Jim changing into an interstellar cadet. Contemplating that Lightyear has obtained praises for its animation, Treasure Planet is the right Disney movie that deserves extra consideration for delivering stunning, colourful, and stylistic visuals and a enjoyable ambiance. 

The Martian (2015)

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Matt Damon in The Martian

In The Martian, Mark Watney is stranded on Mars after a storm separates him from his crew that escaped. When NASA learns of his survival, he should use what assets can be found and makes use of his botany experience to remain alive till his rescue. 

Whereas most area films keep a solemn tone, The Martian brings forth an exhilarating but comedic ambiance; Mark makes the very best of the state of affairs with humor and free-spirited vitality – like jamming to David Bowie. It shares related plot factors to Lightyear, with Buzz and Mark caught on a hostile planet. Each main characters could not be extra alike, demonstrating their willpower and fast pondering as they adapt to the altering circumstances, and their buddies are what encourage them to persevere with their harmful missions. 

Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

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Chewbacca, Han, Leia and Luke stand together in Star Wars: A New Hope

It is well-known that Star Wars is without doubt one of the greatest sci-fi franchises that depicts intergalactic wars. Whereas it continues to develop on its extraordinary universe “in a galaxy far, distant,” A New Hope is the story that began all of it, introducing the trio Luke, Leia, and Han as they face the Galactic Empire. 

Through a YouTube interview, Lightyear‘s director and co-writer Angus MacLane talked about Star Wars as one of many influential films that led to creating Buzz’s origin story. Although the area opera is narratively totally different, the small particulars all through Lightyear illustrate the references to Star Wars. They embody Buzz’s spacesuit (node to Luke’s pilot go well with), the spacecraft design (reminiscing Luke’s X-Wing), and Zurg’s look (just like Darth Vader). 

Planet 51 (2009)

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Planet 51 family

Planet 51 incorporates a frequent sci-fi-fi theme, significantly inexperienced aliens. As an alternative of the aliens coming to Earth, it’s an astronaut that lands and explores Planet 51. 

Whereas each films characteristic aliens, they’re extra distinguished and portrayed as pleasant inhabitants in Planet 51. In distinction, the flying, hostile lifeforms in Lightyear solely set the stage for the movie’s exposition moderately than the principle villains. Regardless of the totally different execution, each movies share the same premise of an astronaut caught on a planet, embarking on a enjoyable journey to discover a approach residence, and mimic the themes concerning friendship and bravado. 

2001: A House Odyssey (1968)

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Man in an orange space suit from the film 2001 A Space Odyssey.

In 2001: A House Odyssey, a mysterious black monolith is a connection between the previous and the longer term, however it’s unclear how. Two scientists, Dr. David Bowman and Dr. Frank Poole, are en path to Jupiter to uncover its origins with a HAL 9000 laptop or just “HAL” helping them. 

Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece is the landmark film that modified the area style and was the inspiration behind Lightyear‘s artwork design. Through Variety, set artwork director Greg Peltz named 2001: A House Odyssey because the affect in producing the technological visuals in Lightyear. The small print are noticeable from Buzz’s exploration vessel eerily, just like Discovery One to the HAL’s iconic glowing purple lens inspiring Zurg’s imagery. 2001: A House Odyssey conveys a darker tone with a human vs. machine battle, however its ambiguous ending is what fascinates viewers because it has a deeper which means behind human evolution. 

The Proper Stuff (1983)

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The Right Stuff (1983)

In The Proper Stuff, the NASA area program pushes to the restrict to transcend area. With astronauts like John Glenn and Alan Shepard chosen for the expedition, issues are difficult after they expertise failure, dismay, and battle with their flight assessments, which additionally take a toll on their household lives. 

Simply as Buzz tried to formulate the right hyperdrive gas in Lightyear‘s first act, the characters in The Proper Stuff additionally expertise a mess of trial and error earlier than discovering success with their assessments. Although The Proper Stuff presents a historic occasion on the large display, it nonetheless echoes Lightyear‘s storytelling options, from the characters’ persistence to not giving up and studying to work with their crew to easing the stress with sudden humor. 

Aliens (1986)

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Aliens Newt Ellen Ripley Wasteland

Fifty years after the occasions in Alien, Ripley wakes up from her hyper-sleep to assist a bunch of marines battle off the reptilian creature she as soon as confronted earlier than. Whereas on moon LV-426, they arrive throughout a younger lady, whom Ripley should defend in any respect value. 

Aliens is probably the greatest sci-fi thrillers and sees Ripley now at conflict with the evil creatures. As a result of the aliens play a major half in Lightyear‘s exposition, it’s no shock that some footage eerily replicates iconic scenes from Aliens – just like the colony outpost. In fact, the Alien sequel produces a horror-esque tone that delivers on chills and scares, however Sigourney Weaver’s highly effective efficiency shines all through with a decided and fearless angle.

Interstellar (2014)

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Matthew McConaughey as Cooper in Interstellar

Maybe, the area film that mirrors Lightyear‘s themes and the premise is Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. When Earth slowly turns into inhabitable because of the Mud bowl, the one hope for people is to relocate to a brand new planet. NASA pilot Cooper takes the reign on this area mission with a analysis crew, however embarking on this journey means he could not see his household once more. 

Interstellar is a cinematic expertise with stunning visuals, Han Zimmer’s impeccable rating, and a thought-provoking and emotional story about area and time. It additionally shares many plot units and storylines with Lightyear, from exploring planets to the main character’s emotional shut relationships with their family members. Each Cooper and Buzz endure the chance of area journey and expertise the results of time dilation, with their family and friends being the drive for his or her pursuits.

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