10 Greatest Star Trek References In The Simpsons

The Simpsons has parodied all types of popular culture staples over time. Mark Hamill impressed Homer to “use the forks,” each Beatle that was alive when the present premiered has guest-starred as themselves, and some episodes have shot-for-shot remakes of scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

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One of many reference wells that the writers preserve coming again to is Star Trek. The long-lasting sci-fi franchise has supplied the groundwork for a lot of traditional Simpsons gags, like Homer preventing Barney within the Triskelion area or a trailer for a film referred to as Star Trek XII: So Very Drained.


10 The Simpsons Get Beamed Up To The Enterprise From Their Sofa

The Simpsons get beamed off their couch

The episode “Itchy & Scratchy Land” is primarily a parody of Westworld, because the household visits a theme park stuffed with sentient Itchy and Scratchy robots that activate the friends.

However the opening sofa gag parodies a unique sci-fi franchise: Star Trek. Whereas the Simpsons sit on the sofa and watch TV, they’re beamed as much as the Enterprise.

9 Homer’s School Buddies Interact In The Basic Kirk/Picard Debate

Homer hangs out with his nerdy friends in The Simpsons

When Homer first arrives in school in “Homer Goes to School,” he’s decided to show that he’s one of many jocks, not one of many nerds. However he finally ends up making associates with three of the nerdiest college students at his college.

These nerds get into a web-based argument with some MIT college students over which Starfleet captain is best: Kirk or Picard? It is a traditional debate amongst Star Trek followers, who can’t appear to simply agree that they’re each nice leaders in their very own methods.

8 Comedian Guide Man Has An “I Brake For Tribbles” Bumper Sticker

Comic Book Guy's bumper stickers in The Simpsons

In “Viva Ned Flanders,” Comedian Guide Man’s automotive bears a bumper sticker that reads, “I Brake for Tribbles.” That is, in fact, a nod to the titular creatures from the enduring Star Trek episode “The Hassle with Tribbles” (and a bunch of subsequent appearances).

He additionally has two different Trek-themed bumper stickers: “Hold Honking, I’m Charging My Phaser,” and “My Baby is an Honor Scholar at Starfleet Academy.”

7 William Shatner Auditions To Play Mr. Burns In His Self-Made Biopic

William Shatner auditions to play Mr Burns in The Simpsons

When Marge organizes a movie pageant in Springfield (to arrange a crossover with The Critic) in “A Star is Burns,” Mr. Burns will get to work on a biopic chronicling his personal life. He hires Señor Spielbergo, Steven Spielberg’s Mexican non-union equal, to direct.

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One of many actors who audition to play Burns is acquainted to Star Trek followers: William Shatner, the person behind Captain Kirk. Shatner even does his Burns audition in character as Kirk. He wears a Starfleet uniform and says, “Ex-cell-ENT!”

6 The Itchy & Scratchy Present Depicts Futuristic Mice As Talosians

Itchy as a Talosian in The Simpsons

There’s a terrific Star Trek reference in one of many Itchy & Scratchy cartoons loved by Bart whereas he’s caught in his room with a damaged leg within the present’s Rear Window parody “Bart of Darkness.”

When Scratchy is launched into the distant future, he finds himself surrounded by futuristic mice with massive, bulging brains and telepathic and telekinetic powers just like the Star Trek universe’s Talosians.

5 The Simpsons Watch A Trailer For Star Trek XII: So Very Drained

The elderly Enterprise crew in The Simpsons

Though the massive film occasion in “Itchy & Scratchy: The Film” is, in fact, Itchy & Scratchy: The Film, the Simpsons watch the trailer for a really totally different TV-to-film adaptation at first of the episode.

The twelfth installment within the Unique Collection film franchise, subtitled So Very Drained, depicts an aged Enterprise crew prepared to surrender their interstellar mission.

4 Kang And Kodos Are From Rigel VII

Kang and Kodos in The Simpsons

The recurring alien characters within the Simpsons universe – Kang and Kodos, a pair of tentacled E.T.s who preserve an in depth watch over Earth (or, extra particularly, over Springfield) – have named their house planet as Rigel VII.

Rigel VII shares its title with a planet from the Star Trek universe. Because it’s not as broadly often known as Vulcan or Romulus, The Simpsons bought away with borrowing the title.

3 Leonard Nimoy Rides On The Maiden Voyage Of The Springfield Monorail

Leonard Nimoy bothers a passenger on the monorail in The Simpsons

Leonard Nimoy guest-starred as himself in “Marge vs. the Monorail,” broadly regarded to be one of many best Simpsons episodes. Nimoy is the superstar visitor on the monorail’s maiden voyage, though Mayor Quimby has no concept who he’s (he thinks he’s an ex-Little Rascal).

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Throughout his graduation speech, Nimoy makes a reference to warp pace that’s misplaced on Quimby. On the finish of the episode, after taking credit score for one thing he had nothing to do with, Nimoy is beamed away.

2 Martin Loses A Vulcan Ear At A Comedian Guide Conference

Martin looks for his missing Vulcan ear in The Simpsons

Bart, Milhouse, and Martin are torn aside by Treasure of the Sierra Madre-style paranoia after they cut up the worth of an costly comedian 3 ways and comply with share it in “Three Males and a Comedian Guide.”

In an early scene on the “Shut Encounter of the Comedian Guide Type” sci-fi conference, Martin visits the lost-and-found bin to retrieve a sharp ear that fell off his Vulcan cosplay. The lost-and-found bin additionally comprises a tricorder.

1 Homer Fights Barney In The Triskelion Area

Homer fights Barney in the Treskilion arena in The Simpsons

The Simpsons is among the solely sitcoms that has managed to do a going-to-space storyline with out leaping the shark. Not solely does “Deep House Homer” keep away from feeling gimmicky; it’s one of many sequence’ strongest episodes.

There are nods to all types of sci-fi classics peppered all through the episode, together with just a few homages to Star Trek. The title is a reference to Star Trek: Deep House 9, and a part of Homer’s NASA coaching entails preventing fellow recruit Barney within the Triskelion area whereas the traditional Star Trek combat music performs on the soundtrack.

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