10 K-Pop B-Side Songs That Could Be The Title Tracks Of Albums (Part 1)


A title track is usually the main song used to promote an album. In K-Pop, title tracks are mostly performed more on music shows and competitions, or variety shows. They are the cross-bearers of an album. Seeing as they are often the highlighted song of an album, and usually the first songs fans hear from an album, title tracks are sometimes deemed the best songs in many albums.

K-Pop albums are filled with so many impressive and well-thought-out songs that are engineered to fit the taste of their listeners and give a rich listening experience. Albums by some of our favorite idols are filled with tracks that are so good, that we often wonder “Why isn’t this the title tracks?”.

Note: This is not to say that original title tracks of these albums are bad, it just means the alums are filled with so many great songs, any of them could be the title track.



Kim YoHan solo debut album “Illusion” was filled with songs so impressive and well done that any of them could be the title track of his album. ‘Bad’ especially stands out for us because it showed off a darker, sensual, and more mysterious side of him. His rap verses were so charismatic and energetic, and his vocals were the perfect finishing touch of what some fans could consider a masterpiece.




2. ONEWE – ‘AuRoRa’


The vocals! The harmonies! The Instrumentals! Everything about this song was perfect and we believe got the desired result in the minds of listeners, an irresistible sense of appreciation derived from witnessing a true work of art. ‘Rain To Be’ might have been the title track of their album “Planet Nine: Alter Ego“, but ‘AuRoRa’ definitely has the magnetism that would have made it a great title track also. Plus, can we also talk about that guitar and drums solo towards the end? Breathtaking!.




This cherry pop feel-good song is the perfect song to get you in a good mood. The groovy tone would make you stomp your feet as you dance to the beat, the chorus is so catchy and rhythmic, and the follow-up bridge was absolutely perfect.


4. EXO’s Kai – ‘To Be Honest’


To be honest, all the songs on Kai’s second mini “Peaches” could be perfect for its title track. While ‘Peaches’ lived up to every expectation set for a title track (and some might rightfully say, exceeded them)  ‘To Be Honest’ was also a gem of a song that could’ve easily been the title track of his second album. His signature cool-toned vocals complemented by the storming bass of the instrumentals make it a feel-good cheerful song.



The “NO LIMIT” album joins the rest of MONSTA X’s discography as an impressive work of art filled with great songs. While ‘Rush Hour’ was the perfect title track, ‘Autobahn’ comes in as a close second with its vivacious vocals, energetic rap verses, and instrumentals, the EDM song is true to the MONSTA X formula, electronic music fused with fast-paced heart-thumping rhythm and a danceable beat.


6. ENHYPEN– ‘Blockbuster’


‘Tamed-Dashed’ is the title track of ENHYPEN’s critically acclaimed first album “Dimension: Dilemma” however, we believe (and fans might agree) that ‘Blockbuster’ ft YeonJun from TXT was also good enough to be the title track. It sounds like an infusion of Pop and Rock, with the fiery yet distorted sound of the instrumentals. Its upbeat sound is so enticing, like tasting a cone of ice cream for the first time, you end up craving more. Throughout the song, listeners might experience a compelling rush of excitement and a reignited source of energy that might make your mood even better.


7. 2PM – ‘Ok or Not’


2PM’s impressive comeback album “MUST” is definitely a must-listen work of art as it reminded many why they have been one of the best 2nd generation K-Pop idols and how much more they have to give. What could be considered a no skip track album, giving listeners a variety of styles, that was creatively well done and just as interesting and pleasing as the next track. Aside from ‘Make It’ the title track of the album, ‘OK or Not’ served as a wonderful surprise. The sweet resounding harmonies of the vocal lines and the sharp contrast of the raw and fiery infuse of rap, made this song very pleasing.



With “Yellow“, Kang Daniel released one of the most adapted albums in 2021. True to his artistry, every song on the album had a special feeling, conveying a range of emotions that he tried to express with his art. ‘Save U’ ft Wonstein is a true gem of a song, that other than ‘Paranoia’ would’ve made for a good title track.


9. SHINee – ‘Body Rhythm’


SHINee’s back like they never left. The group seemingly picked right off where they stopped with the release of their album “Don’t Call Me“. The same-named title track of the album served as a “moment” in K-Pop as viewers got to experience a SHINee performance for the first time in a long time. ‘Don’t Call Me’ is a classic hip-hop dance track infused with the distinctive style of SHINee that makes it different. While ‘Don’t Call Me’ had the right elements, however, the b-side song ‘Body Rhythm’ is also one that stands out from their album. Infused with the sexy groove of the reggae beat, it shows off a more mature, sensual, and fascinating sound that many might find surprising and shocking for SHINee but also quite interesting. Interesting enough to probably be the title track of their album. 


10. FTISLAND – ‘Set Me Free’


Sonorous Vocals that soothe your senses and vibrant instrumentals that reinvigorate them. FTISLAND’s 8th mini album “Lock Up” was filled with songs that could do this and so much more. It must have been a tough choice choosing the title track for this album as all the songs on it were equally good. ‘Unthinkable’ is truly a work of art and deserves to be the title track, however ‘Set Me Free’ comes in a close second choice for the true magic it possessed.

Which of this songs do you think could be the title tracks of these albums? Share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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