10 K-Pop B-Sides That Deserve A Music Video ASAP

Title tracks get all the glory when it comes to K-pop music videos, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t B-sides that are equally as deserving! Whether it’s a track with choreo that simply must be showcased or a song with all-around good vibes, there’s lots of reasons to love them. Here are just a few of the many, many B-sides that need a music video, stat!

LE SSERAFIM – “No Celestial”

The pop-rock renaissance has hit the K-pop industry, and LE SSERAFIM came in with a super strong contender in “No Celestial.” Between the chic rocker vibes and the head-banging choreography, everything about this song begs for a music video. This is the group’s most recent comeback, so there may yet be hope!

Stray Kids – “Silent Cry”

From Stray Kids’ 2021 album “NOEASY,” “Silent Cry” went totally viral after the group’s fan meeting this year – and for good reason! Stray Kids unveiled some unexpected but amazing choreography on this track, and the performances were delivered with the perfect amount of emotion. There’s no doubt that the music video would be a chart-topper too!



IVE delivered some serious supermodel realness with the choreography for “ROYAL,” and they’ve got the visuals to back it up! The members looked stunning and executed every single one of these stages with style, so all it would take is a little lights, camera, action to send this track to the stars – just like the title track “LOVE DIVE”!

TXT – “Opening Sequence”

This track is just supposed to be the opener (hence the name) for TXT’s most recent album “Thursday’s Child,” but the stage performances made it mega-viral. Everything about it, from the vocals to the vibes, screams music video. Plus, that choreography is too stunning to not be immortalized in a music video!

Red Velvet – “Pose”

“Pose” was just shy of getting the full title track treatment on Red Velvet’s “Queendom” album – the only thing it’s missing is the music video! The it-girl vibes and funky pop sound is the perfect contrast to the title track (also named “Queendom”) so all it needs is a music video to make them the perfect pair.


This song is another one with all the makings of a fantastic music video. It’s a party track with super cute choreo and a style that’s right in line with TREASURE’s overall atmosphere as a group. To be fair, it was the promoted B-side with their title track “JIKJIN,” so it got a decent amount of airtime. Still, it feels like it’s missing a music video!


No stages, no choreography, there’s nothing to go off of here but vibes – and the vibes are immaculate! The title track for this album, “SNEAKERS,” strayed from ITZY’s typical sound in a sweet and fresh way, but “RACER” provides a perfect contrast with some heavy EDM sounds. Even after a single listen, you can picture just how cool the choreo would be!

NCT 127 – “Sit Down!”

NCT 127 is well-known for having some of the sickest choreographies in K-pop, and “Sit Down!” from their “Neo Zone” album would totally bring it. Aside from a teeny tiny dance preview via YouTube shorts, there’s not much out there when it comes to performances of this track – but a music video is a must!

TWICE – “When We Were Kids”

Again, unfortunately there’s not much out there when it comes to this track, but “When We Were Kids” from TWICE’s newest album “BETWEEN 1&2” is an instant classic! The nostalgic vibes and sweet lyrics would be great for a throwback music video, and it would be the perfect way to memorialize TWICE’s legendary career thus far.

BTS – “Boyz with Fun”

Speaking of throwbacks, we’re bringing it back to BTS’s 2015 classic “Boyz with Fun.” Not to be confused with their 2019 title track “Boy with Luv,” this song is crazy and cool in a uniquely BTS way. Plus, anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to see the group live knows just how much fun this one is in performance. A music video would be undoubtedly amazing!

Recommend your favorite K-pop B-sides in the comments – let’s discuss!

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