10 Memes that Sum Up Fan Favourite Animated Disney Villains

From latest releases like Lightyear to approaching tasks like Unusual World, Disney continues to introduce or refresh intriguing animated villains in each new movie. For the reason that first Disney princess movie within the Thirties, followers of those animated movies have gotten the pleasure of attending to know the antagonists.

It is arduous to neglect the villains that created followers’ favourite conflicts and threw a wrench in all the good occurring. These fan-favorite villains are identified for being vile and cruel, however all of them even have particular person personalities which have impressed some hilarious memes.

Evil Queen (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

Meme about the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Supply: quickmeme


Within the first Disney princess movie launched in 1938, the Evil Queen grew to become one of many first vengeful queens in Disney to attempt to take down an exquisite, harmless princess. Jealous of Snow Whites’ magnificence, the queen tried to have her murdered after which fed her a toxic apple.

This meme from quickmeme is a comical rendition of the queen’s evil plan, turning herself right into a creepy outdated girl to trick Snow White. Although one of many oldest movies of this nature, the plot continues to be some of the spectacular. This meme demonstrates the misleading nature of the queen as she disguises herself as an outdated girl and feeds poison within the type of plump fruit.

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

Funny meme about Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

Supply: iFunny

In Peter Pan, Captain Hook is the villain who seeks revenge towards Peter after the boy feeds his hand to a crocodile after which refused to go away Neverland.

This meme shared on iFunny is a humorous situation that depicts some life like traits of the captain within the movie. Whereas he’s a villain sworn to vengeance, he’s additionally some of the comical characters within the film. All through the film, Hook demonstrates his emotional nature and the way it tends to get him into extra bother than his evil intent.

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations)

Funny meme about Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmations.

Supply: imgflip

Maybe nothing is extra beloved on this world than puppies. It is Cruella’s intent to kill the dalmatians and use their pelts to make clothes that makes her some of the despicable of all Disney villains.

This meme from imgflip captures Cruella De Vil’s persona completely. Whereas it’s clear she is a bit unhinged, it is also clear that she is only a merciless individual. One of many the reason why it appears she is bent on doing one thing so loopy is as a result of she is clearly an especially sad particular person.

Dr. Facilier (Princess And The Frog)

Meme about Dr. Facilier.

Supply: DeviantArt

As among the finest animated Disney villains identified by followers, Dr. Facilier is likely one of the most intimidating and scariest enemies in a princess film. In The Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facilier is the voodoo grasp that turns the prince right into a frog.

This meme from DeviantArt factors out that although Dr. Facilier is a disturbed villain, his powers weren’t his personal. He used a talisman to make the most of darkish forces and carry out spells. This magical object performed such an important half in Dr. Facilier’s plans that after it was taken and destroyed, he was dragged off by the evil forces who he might not repay.

Jafar (Aladdin)

Meme about Jafar hypnotizing the Sulton in Aladdin.

Supply: Twitter

There are various the reason why villains plot in these movies, however Jafar’s reasoning is one in every of pure greed. He desires to persuade the Sultan to let him marry his daughter, Jasmine, so he can grow to be the sultan himself.

This meme from Twitter depicts Jafar’s dedication to take management of the dominion via his marriage to Jasmine. Whereas he has no real interest in the princess romantically, marrying her is probably the most direct solution to take over the nation. Jafar’s persona on this movie is his outrageous need to rid himself of any obstacles between him and the thrown.

Mom Gothel (Tangled)

Meme about Mother Gothel as a villain from Tangled.

Supply: Reddit

In Disney’s rendition of Rapunzel, titled Tangled, Mom Gothel is the witch that steals away Rapunzel to maintain herself eternally younger.

This meme from Reddit depicts Mom Gothel revealing her true nature to Rapunzel as soon as she realizes how evil her supposed mom is. When the king makes use of the flower Gothel was utilizing to maintain herself younger to heal his ailing, pregnant queen, Gothel steals the kid to make use of the magical talents she now possesses. Mom Gothel is likely one of the most evil Disney villains, her persona revolving round greed and selfishness, utilizing Rapunzel’s innocence to maintain herself younger and delightful.

Hades (Hercules)

Hades getting angry from Hercules meme.

Supply: Reddit

Hades is the keeper of the Underworld in Hercules, loathing the gods like Zeus as a result of he has to reside with the useless whereas they reside on Mount Olympus. Whereas Hades is clearly evil, he’s additionally one of many Disney villains that might make a superb buddy.

This meme from Reddit depicts Hade’s mood but additionally how relatable he’s. Hades is bent on controlling Mount Olympus, however he’s additionally stressed about his work, agitated when issues do not go his method, and always seems like an outcast.

Maleficent (Sleeping Magnificence)

Meme about Maleficent's personality.

Supply: 9GAG

Maleficent is likely one of the scariest villains in Disney animated movies, not solely tricking the princess right into a deep sleep however remodeling right into a fearsome dragon. When Maleficent is not invited to the princess’s christening, she is outraged and determined to curse the child. Whereas she is clearly the villain on this movie, her motives are clear and she or he feels they’re justified.

She was an outcast as a result of she was thought of evil by the opposite individuals and due to this fact she thought she’d reside as much as their expectations and act in the best way they might count on. This meme from 9gag is an ideal illustration of Maleficent’s vengeful persona, selecting to provide them the villain they have been asking for.

Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Meme about ursula's character in The Little Mermaid.

Supply: imgflip

Ursula is likely one of the most attention-grabbing and devious villains ever in Disney’s animated movies. In hopes of finally getting the trident of King Triton and taking management of Atlantis, she convinces Ariel to provide Ursula her voice in alternate for human legs.

This meme from imgflip depicts Ursula’s conniving nature. She claims that the individuals she’s helped are joyful, but it surely’s clear by the top of the movie she solely helps individuals for her personal egocentric wishes. She would not simply steal Ariel’s voice however finally makes use of the voice to trick Eric and destroy any plans Ariel has of getting him to fall in love together with her.

Scar (The Lion King)

Scar meme from The Lion King.


In The Lion King, Scar is the brother of Mufasa, the chief of the delight. He’s angered that his brother has a son, due to this fact taking away his probability of taking management of the delight at some point.

Whereas Scar is clearly evil and egocentric, this meme from additionally depicts how generally he feels relatable to the viewers. He makes use of hyenas as his military to take over the delight, however he has a tough time attempting to get his level throughout and get them to grasp what his plans are.

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