10 Moments That Truly Present BTS Suga’s True Persona

Don’t let BTS Suga‘s “savage” picture idiot you! He’s extraordinarily kind-hearted, speaks up about psychological well being, and is empathetic to others. Take a look at among the finest moments that present his actual self under!

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1. When he texted a touching letter to V and Jungkook

He poured his coronary heart out to the youthful members and ended it by telling them he loves them.

2. When he let J-Hope eat his meals

When J-Hope had nothing to eat, Suga sacrificed his meals for him and revealed he feels full simply by watching his youthful brother eat.

3. When he brazenly speaks up about psychological well being

Suga not solely discusses the pertinent challenge in his lyrics, but additionally in varied interviews, together with his Q&A with Rolling Stone.

However once I hear folks say that once they take heed to my music, and really feel consolation and are consoled by these lyrics that categorical these feelings, that makes me really feel superb. It’s very encouraging. These feelings will not be one thing that should be hidden. They should be mentioned and expressed.

— Suga

4. When he took care of the older women in poverty

Suga did every little thing he might to assist enhance their residing conditions and make them smile.

5. When he instructed Jimin he loves him

Figuring out how a lot these phrases imply to Jimin, he put apart his ego and mentioned it in entrance of all of the members. How candy!

6. When he let V blow out the candle

After V was too gradual to blow out the candles with the remainder of the BTS members, Suga created a pretend “candle” utilizing his finger so V might additionally take part.

7. When he let Holly steal all of the blankets

Suga is completely comfortable for his canine, Holly, and lets him do absolutely anything!

[I’m] rating final in our household. This isn’t a shawl however Holly. Holly, why are you sleeping on prime of me… He stole my blanket. Are you an individual or a canine.. He’s even loud night breathing.

— Suga

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8. When he praised Jungkook for the way a lot he’s grown

Suga at all times showers the youngest with compliments and couldn’t be extra pleased with how he’s grown up!

9. When he instantly went out to dinner with J-Hope

Whereas J-Hope was simply attempting to set the date for a future outing, Suga was so desperate to see his buddy that he needed to fulfill the identical evening.

10. When he spilled on how a lot the members actually imply to him

Past family and friends, there’s his BTS members. 💜

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