10+ Most Heart-Stopping Moments From TREASURE’s “JIKJIN” Music Video That Had Us Hitting That Replay Button

TREASURE has finally returned to the music scene after a year of hiatus! They released their album The Second Step: Chapter One on February 15 along with the music video for their title track “JIKJIN.”

It was arguably the most fierce concept they’ve done since their debut and it was praise-worthy for many reasons. Check out why below!

1. When Junhwan opened the song

He’s an intro king already.

2. When Yoshi drove

We couldn’t look away from him.


3. When Asahi crinkled his nose

Blink and you’d miss it, but it was absolutely adorable.


4. When blonde Hyunsuk made an appearance

Blonde fits him perfectly!

5. When Yedam sang the pre-chorus

It’s hard to believe how good he is sometimes.

6. When Junkyu was a full on model

Is this a music video or a photoshoot? Either way, we love it.

7. When Asahi sang “Neoegero Jikjin”

His voice is the sweetest.

8. When Mashiho stared out the train window

Can he look even more like an anime character than he is now?

9. When TREASURE did this move

They’re reminding everyone that their dancing is always top-notch.

10. When Haruto rapped

He grabbed our attention easily.

11. When Yoshi paid homage to Lisa

He referenced BLACKPINK‘s Lisa‘s line in “How You Like That.”

12. When Mashiho sang the bridge

He made us stop breathing for a moment.

13. When TREASURE danced in a straight line

The most impactful move you can do with 12 members? Yes, it’s a straight line.

14. When Asahi walked to us

He made the set his runway.

15. When TREASURE sang together

And finally, there’s just something about TREASURE singing together at the end that hypes us up even more!

It’s heart-stopping from start to finish! Check out the “JIKJIN” music video below if you haven’t yet.

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