10 Most Highly effective Surprise Man Variants In Marvel Comics

Although Surprise Man numbers among the many earliest Avengers, first showing in Avengers #9 in 1964, he is but to look within the MCU. That may quickly change now that a Surprise Man sequence is coming from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton. Many highly effective Surprise Man variants exist in Marvel Comics, giving the MCU totally different choices in adapting the long-lasting character.

Whereas most Surprise Man variants within the comics share the identical origin and powers, some diverge dramatically. Some derive their powers from connections to the Hulk, giving him much more power and energy than the Earth-616 model. The Imaginative and prescient qualifies as maybe probably the most highly effective and recognizable variant from the comics, attributable to his character being constructed from Surprise Man’s recollections. This comedian e-book connection probably performs out within the MCU in some kind now that The Imaginative and prescient has misplaced his recollections.


Surprise Man (Earth-616)

Wonder Man lifts a giant robot in Marvel Comics.

Surprise Man ranks among the many strongest Avengers in Marvel Comics. Due to experiments by Baron Zemo involving ionic vitality, Simon Williams gained superhuman power, velocity, stamina, and plenty of different skills. His power even rivaled Thor’s, an unintended however welcome consequence for Zemo and his plan to make use of Surprise Man towards the Avengers.

Surprise Man’s powers advanced over time, and within the late Nineteen Nineties, he grew to become a being of pure ionic vitality. He shifts backwards and forwards between materials and immaterial, and might even switch his energy to others.

Surprise Girl

Wonder Woman appears in Marvel Comics.

A strong Surprise Man variant exists solely in a single panel in What If? #34. Surprise Girl (to not be confused with the highly effective DC Comics Surprise Girl) possessed all the identical superpowers as her Earth-616 counterpart. She gained, presumably, superhuman sturdiness, agility, and reflexes from Baron Zemo simply as Surprise Man did.

Stan Lee once stated DC Comics sued Marvel over Wonder Man, attributable to similarities with Surprise Girl, although the story is taken into account to be apocryphal. Surprise Man and Surprise Girl exist in each franchises in sly methods.

The Deadly Legion

Wonder Man joins the Lethal Legion in Marvel Comics.

Surprise Man kicks off his Marvel Comics profession as a villain related to the Masters of Evil. Within the pocket universe Franklin Richards creates after the Onslaught occasion known as Counter-Earth, Surprise Man serves on the Deadly Legion. He shares Earth-616 Surprise Man’s powers and talents, together with the power to fly unaided through ionic vitality.

This Surprise Man by no means bought the possibility to turn into a hero as his main counterpart did. The Avengers defeated him and Loki absorbed all his ionic vitality to achieve extra energy for himself.


Hollywood Wonder Man appears in Marvel Comics.

An older Surprise Man variant seems within the far alternate future that the unique Guardians of the Galaxy inhabited. This variant, generally known as “Hollywood,” first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy #62 in 1995. He retained all the identical powers as his present-day self, together with a a lot slower growing older course of because of his ionic vitality powers.

Hollywood shortly grew to become one of the crucial highly effective Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel Comics and likewise helped kind an off-shoot crew, the Galactic Guardians.

MC2 Robots

Wonder Man robots fight the MC2 Avengers in Marvel Comics.

Comedian e-book followers know Surprise Man died in Avengers #9, solely to return a lot later. Within the MC2 alternate future timeline, Surprise Man was by no means revived. As a substitute, many robotic androids took his place. Every possesses the powers of the unique, together with the power to fireplace ionic vitality beams from his arms.

The Surprise Man robots combat the subsequent era Avengers, overwhelming them with their superhuman power and endurance. A-Subsequent additionally fought one other Surprise Man variant, Overman, who additionally possessed the identical powers.

Final Surprise Man

Ultimate Wonder Man attacks in Marvel Comics.

Surprise Man from Earth-1610, the Final Comics universe, possessed a totally totally different powerset. This Surprise Man ranks among the many strongest Hulk variants in Marvel Comics because of his utilizing Hulk serum to boost his power. In consequence, he rivals the Earth-616 Hulk in brute power.

His spectacular power and stamina got here at a value, although. His routine use of Hulk serum left him mentally unstable and troublesome to regulate, resulting in his being stored in a stasis pod when not on obligation.


Exiles Wonder Man attacks in Marvel Comics.

One other Hulk-powered Surprise Man variant emerges in Exiles #24 from 2003. This model possesses Surprise Man’s commonplace ionic skills, together with near-immortality, together with the gamma-infused power of the Hulk. He gained his powers when Iron Man detonated a Gamma Bomb close to him, making an attempt to kill Dr. Bruce Banner.

This Surprise Man variant exponentially elevated his dimension when he was offended, rising to the scale of a constructing when a Spider-Man variant threatened the Scarlet Witch.

Marvel Zombies

Zombie Wonder Man attacks in Marvel Comics.

Surprise Man’s powers advanced to permit him immortality on Earth-616, however on Earth-2149, he gained terrifying new longevity. Surprise Man grew to become a zombie within the Marvel Zombies vs. The Military of Darkness mini-series, combing his already spectacular powers with an undead starvation for human flesh. Worse, he retained all his powers and mind.

The Zombie Surprise Man helped overrun the world and ultimately participated within the violent assault on Physician Doom’s stronghold in Latveria, one of many few remaining holdouts from the zombie virus.

Surprise Man (DC Comics)

Wonder Man appears in DC Comics.

Simply as Marvel Comics offered their very own Surprise Girl, DC Comics supplied a strong Surprise Man variant. Dane of Elysium shares all of Surprise Girl’s finest powers within the comics, together with god-like power endurance, and longevity. He additionally possesses her highly effective weapons, just like the Lasso of Reality.

Surprise Man first appeared in Countdown Presents: The Seek for Ray Palmer – Superwoman/Batwoman #1, a comic book set in Earth-11, the place all the first DC heroes’ genders are reversed.

The Imaginative and prescient

Ultron creates The Vision in Marvel Comics.

The Imaginative and prescient technically ranks as probably the most highly effective Surprise Man variant in Marvel Comics, because of the actual fact Ultron used Williams’ recorded mind patterns and recollections to create the android Imaginative and prescient. The Imaginative and prescient generates highly effective photo voltaic beams and shields by absorbing photo voltaic radiation via the photo voltaic gem, and he can also alter his density to extend his power.

The Imaginative and prescient additionally capitalizes on his android kind via technopathy. This enables him to work together and interface with just about each pc system, rising his data and energy in practically limitless methods.

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