10 Parallels In The Franchise That Reddit Followers Seen

The Scream horror franchise typically mentions different motion pictures from the style and discusses the foundations of survival. However a number of of the movies additionally function callbacks to earlier entries, and several other followers have discovered that Scream (2022) particularly options quotes and scary scenes that remind audiences of the 1996 film. Typically Sidney Prescott wears clothes that she did in an earlier movie, and there are even two dying scenes which are quite a bit just like the opening of Scream 2.

Whether or not evaluating the 2022 film to the unique, or noticing a number of scenes in numerous motion pictures which are related, Reddit followers have seen some fascinating parallels within the Scream franchise.


10 Amber Grabs Beer In Scream (2022) Like Tatum Does In Scream (1996)

Split image of Tatum holding beers in Scream and Amber smiling in Scream (2022)

Probably the most unforgettable moments from the primary Scream film is when Tatum Riley heads into the basement to get some beer. Straight away, audiences know that she may get killed since Randy Meeks mentioned that characters ought to by no means say “I will be proper again.” In Scream (2022), Amber Freeman does the identical factor, which is a purple herring since audiences now know that she is without doubt one of the Ghostface killers.

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Redditor Lucifer_Crowe famous the parallel and mentioned that it was  “savage of Amber to kill Dewey after which mimic his lifeless sister Tatum” by heading into the basement to get beer.

9 Gale And Dewey Put on Related Outfits In Scream (1996) and Scream (2022)

Split image of Gale in a red outfit and Dewey in cop uniform in Scream 1996 and 2022

Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley are two fan favourite Scream characters, and their love story has been transferring to look at. It has additionally been tragic and upsetting, as followers be taught that their marriage has fallen aside. Now they don’t have any probability to salvage issues after Dewey’s dying.

Redditor DOOMGUY_GOKU seen that the characters are carrying related outfits within the first and fifth motion pictures. The fan shared photos of Gale in a purple swimsuit and Dewey in his police uniform and wrote, “Love this Parallel.”

8 Sidney And Sam Speak About How Life Is not A Movie

Split image of Sidney on the phone in Scream (1996) and Sam on the phone in Scream (2022)

It is attention-grabbing how related Sidney and Sam Carpenter appear to be as they’re each sturdy and daring and never keen to go down and not using a actually massive battle.

Redditor Bcat591 seen that in Scream 4, Ghostface kills Olivia Morris and Sidney tells Charlie Walker on the telephone “This is not a f*cking film” and Charlie says “Will probably be.” In Scream (2022), Sam says the identical quote to Richie Kirsch, who additionally says that it will likely be a movie. The fan wrote, “As quickly as I heard that line within the theater, I knew that it needed to be a callback to the one in 4.”

7 Sidney Falls Off Two Roofs

One Redditor seen that within the first film, Sidney falls of the roof of Stu’s house and runs off, however in Scream 4, Sidney falls off the roof of Kirby Reed’s house and goes again inside. The fan wrote, “It is an excellent signal of how courageous she’s turn out to be since Scream 1.”

It is attention-grabbing to notice how Sidney has at all times been a beloved, fearless character however she has proven audiences that she has modified and grown much more comfy with herself over the franchise’s 5 movies.

6 Sam And Sidney Are Each Robust Remaining Ladies

Split image of Sidney in Scream (1996) and Sam in Scream (2022)

Sidney is without doubt one of the greatest 2000s horror film remaining ladies and Sam carries on this trope within the new film. They each method the scenario in the identical manner as they’re scared however really feel able to dealing with something.

Redditor Hank_the_Beef seen that in Scream 2, Sidney tells Dewey, ““Cease treating me like glass Dewey, I am not gonna break.” The identical factor occurs in Scream (2022), Sam tells Richie, “You don’t should examine on me on a regular basis I’m not breakable.” The fan wrote, “That is my favourite parallel in that it units up Sam as the ultimate woman.”

5 Wes And Judy’s Deaths Are Acquainted

Split image of Christine in Scream 2 and Judy and Wes in Scream (2022)

Watching Ghostface kill Judy Hicks exterior her house after which come inside to homicide her son Wes when he was anticipating a pleasant, quiet night at house with some take-out is de facto unhappy to consider. Followers love these characters and it is so tragic to see them die.

Redditor AMoonMonkey realized that when Judy and Wes are murdered by Ghostface in Scream (2022), it “performed out precisely like cotton and Christine’s dying” in Scream 3. Initially of the third film, Cotton Weary is murdered in his house after which Ghostface kills his girlfriend Christine Hamilton. Christine and Wes every take showers whereas house alone.

4 Jill And Richie Are Stabbed On The Arm

Split image of Jill in Scream 4 and Richie in Scream (2022)

Sidney’s relative Jill Roberts is without doubt one of the greatest characters from just one Scream film, and Redditor Complete-Flounder-92 identified an attention-grabbing parallel. In Scream 4, Jill will get stabbed on her arm, and in Scream (2022, this occurs to Richie. The fan wrote that this was “after I had a sense he was the killer.”

This was probably a touch that Richie is without doubt one of the two Ghostfaces, and it really works since when followers watch your complete franchise once more, they’ll see this parallel.

3 Sidney Spins Round To See Ghostface

Split image of Sidney with Ghostface in Scream 1996 and 2022

One Redditor seen that when “Ghostface assaults Sidney” within the 1996 and 2022 movies, there’s a related shot the place Sidney spins round to see Ghostface standing there with a knife. When followers watch the video of every scene, it seems to be precisely alike.

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This can be a enjoyable nod to the unique film and reveals that irrespective of when Ghostface is making an attempt to kill Sidney, and irrespective of which Ghostface it’s, Sidney will at all times battle. It is also a reminder that Sidney retains discovering herself reliving this scary scenario.

2 Sidney Clothes The Similar In Scream 2 And Scream (2022)

Split image of Sidney in a leather jacket in Scream 2 and Scream (2022)

When followers watch Sidney’s Scream motion scenes, she is at all times prepared and keen to do what it takes to stay, and followers cannot get sufficient of her powerful character.

Redditor jasonporter seen that on the finish of Scream 2 and Scream (2022), Sidney is carrying the identical outift: a “black shirt and leather-based jacket.” This contributes to the general feeling that Sidney is strong-willed.

1 Tara And Casey Each Maintain Knives

Split image of Casey in Scream (1996) and Tara in Scream (2022) touching knives

The opening of Scream is iconic, with Ghostface phoning Casey Becker to speak about horror motion pictures and killing her boyfriend Steve earlier than ending her life. The opening of Scream (2022) sees Tara Carpenter in the identical scenario: getting a name from Ghostface whereas standing in her kitchen.

Redditor jasonporter seen a parallel between each movies and wrote, “Tara performs with the knife field in the identical manner Casey does.” Followers have famous that whereas Casey is killed, Tara will get away.

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