10 Scariest Non-Horror Movies, Based on Reddit

Thrills and chills aren’t restrictive to anybody style, even one as broad as Horror. Filmmakers like David Lynch, who not too long ago introduced a mysterious upcoming collection, use unconventional strategies to disorient and terrify viewers.

Moreso, what might be outlined as “horror” or “scary” is only subjective as many Reddit customers have overtly shared their fears in a number of associated posts. Many of those movies aren’t even categorised as “Horror”, thus, having a extra substantial influence on viewers not anticipating the tones and aesthetics typically related to the style. From polarizing kids’s movies to graphically life like dramas, these are the scariest non-horror movies, based on Redditors.


Nightcrawler (2014)

Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler Banner

In a dialogue publish titled “Scariest non-horror film?” within the r/horror subreddit, Redditor u/SunnyZAK mentions Daniel Powter’s ruthless character research, Nightcrawler. To cite one other user in the identical thread, “Lou Bloom is such a creepy character.”

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Jake Gyllenhaal delivers what some take into account a career-best efficiency as Bloom, an novice, but, overly bold journalist prepared to do something for probably the most unique protection. Though the movie is labeled, and stylized, as a neo-noir crime thriller, the protagonist is a wide-eyed sociopath whose grinning facade is assured to make pores and skin crawl extra successfully than most horror villains.

Return To Oz (1985)

Victor Flemming’s The Wizard of Oz has its justifiable share of spooky imagery, however the 1985 sequel from Walt Disney Photos is pure nightmare gasoline. Echoing the ideas of fellow Redditors, consumer u/Idler- rightfully asks, “WTF Disney?”

Eradicating the entire wonders from the unique in its opening shot, Return to Oz begins with Dorothy receiving electrotherapy for her “delusions” of the fantastical land. Her second journey to Oz solely descends deeper into the darkness with moments that contain screaming severed heads, the formidable Nome King, and, in fact, the notorious Wheelers. Hindering the sleep of ’80s kids for years to come back; when the Wheelers roll into the body, viewers shall be wishing for Flying Monkeys.

Jumanji (1995)

Sarah on floor in Jumanji

Not like the favored sequels which have pushed the reset button on Jumanji for a new technology, the unique adaptation centered on the darker, eerier parts of the titular sport. Audiences by no means see the world of the sport, solely the terrors that inhabit it, rendering this darkish fantasy some of the melancholic household movies of the ’90s, and fairly presumably ever.

Redditor u/Tiny-Chemistry-156 recollects, “one thing about that film at all times freaked me out.” After younger Alan Parrish is horrifically sucked into the jungle world through the board sport, he returns to his hometown over 25 years later, hopeful however broken as he processes the lack of his beloved household. The reintroduction of Alan, portrayed by Robin Williams, brings a couple of bleak, cloudy ambiance earlier than the board sport’s curse reawakens and wild beasts stampede their means into the true world. So, with that being mentioned, arachnophobes beware.

The NeverEnding Story (1984)

Wolfgang Petersen’s The NeverEnding Story is fondly remembered as an imaginative ’80s fantasy that has achieved standing as a kids’s traditional regardless of the unique writer’s criticism of the movie being too kitsch. Petersen’s adaptation options iconic moments of cinematic magic just like the flight of Falkor, but, Redditor u/TheRealReapz recollects there “being greater than a few scenes which can be nightmare materials.”

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The metaphysical antagonist, The Nothing, threatens to beat the magical land of Fantasia, entrapping the entire creativeness that manifested it inside a meaningless void. Judging by the remark part, it seems that The NeverEnding Story launched loads of children to existentialism with moments resembling Atreyu’s horse being consumed by The Nothing and the wolf-like G’Mork deviously revealing the supply of The Nothing’s energy.

We Want To Discuss About Kevin (2011)

Person u/belzeboobie echoes one other Redditor who claims that We Want To Discuss About Kevin is “their favourite psychological film, however would by no means suggest it to anybody.” Undoubtedly a tricky capsule to swallow, director Lynne Ramsay’s harrowing adaptation is an pressing message, not solely for fogeys however to anybody who’s or is aware of somebody residing with a psychological situation that’s worsening with time.

Tilda Swinton offers a tour-de-force efficiency as a mom who senses one thing troubling about her eponymous son. Ramsay generates palpable malaise by way of grief and despair because the movie uncovers the telltale indicators that inevitably result in a surprising act of violence. As distressing as We Want To Discuss About Kevin might be, it has cemented Ramsay as an rising movie director work testing.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

A handful of Redditors insist that Mulholland Drive, as with most of David Lynch’s work, is definitely a horror movie, even when the director himself would doubtless disagree. Whereas it could not share the identical qualities as a standard horror movie, the absurdist and surrealist parts current in Lynch’s Hollywood dreamscape are sometimes uncanny sufficient to warrant a shiver down the backbone.

Most customers discuss with the nightmarish sequence that includes the reveal of a bum behind Winkie’s Diner as one of many greatest Lynchian moments for being so totally jarring, even after the occasions are foretold moments earlier than. It exemplifies the insidious dread that permeates all through. “The second the singer stops and the track retains going chills my soul,” says an unknown Redditor who claims that Mulholland Drive is, certainly, an existential horror movie.

One Hour Picture (2002)

Apart from being one of many funniest comedic performers of his time, Robin Williams was an extremely gifted actor, and no efficiency showcases his vary of layered emotional complexity fairly like Sy Parrish from One Hour Picture. “It is Robin Williams at his creepiest,” says Redditor u/CommanderSmokeStack who, like many viewers, was off-put by William’s against-type portrayal.

Mark Romanek’s disquieting thriller facilities on a lonely photograph technician, Sy, who secretly develops an obsession with a household hiding personal affairs of their very own. Sy’s habits is immoral and, ultimately, downright deplorable, but, what’s most difficult is how simple it’s to sympathize with him, a sufferer of kid abuse, particularly when Williams imbues him with such ardour and sincerity in moments that discover him determined for human connection.

Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Sara getting electroshock therapy in Requiem for a Dream.

Requiem for a Dream is without doubt one of the strongest movies about dependancy and its tragic conclusion is genuinely more practical than most PSAs. Redditor u/crutchlen1 believes that the immensely compelling psycho-drama must be proven ” in Well being class in class as a scare tactic towards drug use.”

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Director Darren Aronofsky and editor Jay Rabinowitz weaponize the “cool” hallucinatory results of substance use because it begins to focus on the deteriorating psychological (and bodily) states of the 4 important topics. Without delay visually entrancing and uncompromising, the psychedelic imagery crescendos right into a distorted cacophony meant to disturb slightly than evoke euphoria.

Come And See (1985)

Elem Klimov’s Come and See depicts the lesser-known occasions of the Holocaust that occurred in Nazi-occupied Belarus throughout WWII. Bearing the aesthetic of a horror film, Come and See makes use of darkish, visceral cinematography and haunting sound to create an immersive hellscape not really helpful for the faint of coronary heart.

“I knew warfare was scary however I did not understand it was scarier than Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers mixed and multiplied by 1,000,000,” says Redditor u/anotoriousbug regarding the anti-war drama. Audiences understand the hyperrealism of warfare by way of the angle of Flyora, a Belarusian boy performed masterfully and terrifyingly by youngster actor Aleksei Kravchenko.

Schindler’s Record (1993)

The girl in the red coat in Schindler's List.

Much like the aforementioned Come and See, Schindler’s Record is a heavy historic drama that reveals the ugliness of humanity in the course of the occasions of the Holocaust. Though in the end, the story of Oskar Schindler offering security for about 1,200 Jewish individuals from throughout the Brünnlitz labor camp evokes an excessive amount of hope, the merciless and malicious actions of SS Commandant Amon Göth will trigger some viewers to lose sleep.

“Actuality is scarier than fiction,” based on Redditor u/blacksnakewhip. Director Steven Speilberg and cinematographer Janusz Kamiński shot in black & white to realize a way of timelessness, in addition to realism, akin to a documentary. Spielberg even downplayed the actions of the true Amon Göth so audiences would not view him as cartoonishly evil regardless of the facticity of his “over-the-top” warfare crimes.

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