10 Similarities Legends & The Sequel Trilogy Share

Disney+’s Kenobi has wrapped up, solely including to the lore of Star Wars. The franchise is regularly rising extra widespread, liked by longtime followers as newer tasks convey them additional previous the controversial Star Wars sequel trilogy and newcomers alike.

Many followers who spent their time studying numerous hours of comics or books from the Legends timeline could discover the sequels as both irritating or enjoyable for the huge quantity of similarities and influences that the sequels took from Legends. It has occurred in each small and main methods.

Rey Skywalker’s Character Traits

Rey Skywalker from star wars.

Whereas Rey Skywalker herself doesn’t exist inside Legends, there are a number of characters and concepts from Legends that doubtless impressed the creation of her character.


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Whereas one apparent affect is the lineage of Palpatine, the most important similarity she has is Jaina Solo, the daughter of Leia and Han. Jaina basically turns into the hero of Legends throughout the time as she steps up in opposition to her brother, Jacen Solo, who had turned to the darkish aspect very like their grandfather. Whereas neither character is ready to kill their archrival (Jacen and Ben) they do reach defeating them.

Kylo Ren/Jacen Solo

Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

Maybe the obvious similarity to Legends is the sequel trilogy’s Ben Solo or higher often known as, Kylo Ren. The son of Han and Leia who turns to the darkish aspect, sound acquainted? Luke Skywalker additionally had a son in Legends named Ben Skywalker, each characters being named after Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi.

Jacen Solo, who seems in a plethora of nice Star Wars Legends books, turned a Sith apprentice to Lumiya adopting the identify of Darth Caedus. His reasoning for doing this may be in comparison with Anakin who needed to keep away from the dying of Padmé. Nonetheless, Caedus did it to keep away from the dying of Luke and that managed to work. What’s attention-grabbing is that Kylo Ren finally turns to the Darkish Facet as a result of he believes Luke needed to kill him whereas Caedus turns to the Darkish Facet as a result of he was afraid he would kill Luke in any other case.

Anakin’s Lightsaber

Anakin forging his lightsaber.

A lightsaber that almost all followers would have counted as misplaced ceaselessly after The Empire Strikes Again. Nonetheless, the lightsaber makes a return in each Canon and in Legends.

Whereas the lightsaber’s most notable wielders are Luke and Anakin, the saber does fall into the arms of some different characters. In Legends, the lightsaber will get returned to Luke and he offers it as a present to Mara Jade who wields it till her dying. The saber from thereon out is then wielded by Ben Skywalker. In canon, the saber is primarily wielded by Rey but in addition briefly by Ben Solo in The Rise of Skywalker.


Starkiller in Force Unleashed poster.

Sure, there’s a Starkiller in Legends and in Canon, however they’re each very totally different.

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Starkiller in Canon is not more than a base, which is the first location in The Pressure Awakens. In Legends, that is the identify adopted by Vader’s secret apprentice, Galen Marek within the online game, The Pressure Unleashed. His clone in Pressure Unleashed II additionally takes the identify Starkiller for himself. What’s attention-grabbing is that each of those Starkillers get their identify from the identical place, which is the unique surname for Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

Luke’s Academy

Luke's jedi academy in flashback.

Very similar to followers noticed within the Sequel trilogy, Luke additionally tried to revive the Jedi order in Legends. Whereas Luke finally fails within the Sequels because of Kylo Ren, the Jedi Academy prospers in Legends.

Nonetheless, destruction always got here to the academy’s doorstep and so they had been compelled to rebuild in quite a few areas. Whereas not in Luke’s time, the Jedi order was as soon as once more worn out about 100 years later by a bunch of Sith known as the One Sith in Star Wars: Legacy, a bunch whom many followers would like to see grow to be Canon. This risk is finally stopped by Luke’s descendant, Cade Skywalker.

Jedi Leia

Jedi Leia in rise of skywalker flashback.

When followers came upon in Return of the Jedi that Leia was Luke’s sister, it is of little shock to know that she too finally ends up turning into a skilled Jedi in each Legends and in Canon.

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Although Leia has no notable apprentices in Legends, she is skilled by Luke within the Pressure and in lightsaber fight, simply as she is in Canon. Leia serves way more as a political determine and a struggle chief in each variations of her character, reasonably than as a Jedi. She typically closed herself off to the prospects of the Pressure however confirmed unimaginable energy and potential when she allowed herself.

Palpatine’s Return

Sidious in rise of skywalker.

Palpatine is a type of iconic film characters who ought to’ve stayed lifeless in line with many followers. Although his return in The Rise of Skywalker could also be shocking to many, it is really tremendously just like an occasion within the comedian sequence known as the Darkish Empire. Curiously sufficient, each returns of Palpatine contain a clone.

Not like in Canon, in Legends, Palpatine would not function a remaining villain previous the Darkish Empire and fades into the background after Luke and Leia kill him for good. Nonetheless, each clones had the identical goal with the intention of recreating their earlier empire. Very similar to The Rise of Skywalker the place Sidious was revealed to have a military of Sith, within the Darkish Empire Palpatine has many Darkish Facet customers below his command.

Palpatine’s Lineage

Sidious vs Rey in rise of skywalker.

One of many sequel’s greatest plot twists is the reveal that Rey was really the granddaughter of Palpatine. Whereas in Legends Palpatine does possess quite a lot of lore surrounding his household, he would not have any descendants fairly as vital as Rey.

These associated to Palpatine had been seen way more as pawns and attainable successors to the throne of the Galactic Empire for these wanting solely Palpatine’s blood to succeed. Palpatine did have a son and a grandson, very like he does in Canon (although a granddaughter as a substitute of a grandson). Nonetheless, his grandson by no means quantities to something pivotal within the story.

Pressure Therapeutic

Ben before healing Rey.

Pressure therapeutic is a capability that had appeared in quite a few Legends materials for years. So it might be shocking to know the primary canon look of it was really in The Rise of Skywalker when Rey heals Kylo Ren.

The Rise of Skywalker, greater than The Pressure Awakens or The Final Jedi, did not attempt to draw back from borrowing from Legends. Little is definitely recognized about this mending means in Canon because it’s nonetheless considerably new, however followers have gotten to see extra of it as Grogu used it in The Mandalorian. There is not any be aware who created this system, however there are a number of variations in Legends corresponding to in the most effective Star Wars Legends storylines the place Cade Skywalker might convey individuals again to life shortly after dying. It could have influenced the ultimate scene shared between Ben and Rey.

Historical Sith

Darth Revan in upcoming Knights of the Old Republic remake.

Love or hate The Rise of Skywalker, many followers could not maintain of their pleasure after they heard the identify drops of many historic Sith initially recognized in Legends.

Characters corresponding to Darth Revan and Darth Andeddu have had recurring mentions in Legends, so to formally get them confirmed as Canon is wonderful. Whereas The Clone Wars was initially going to have an episode involving Revan, he was minimize for unknown causes. Nonetheless, bringing such characters into Canon makes many followers surprise if this in flip will make the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Previous Republic Canon.

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