10 The Vampire Diaries Villains Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Homes

After 4 years, Klaus Mikaleson (Joseph Morgan) got here again to screens within the Legacies season finale in June 2022. He was a villain inside The Vampire Diaries and a recurring character that all the time offered plenty of humor and attention-grabbing plot developments.

Whereas Klaus was well-loved, there have been many different villains throughout the present that have been fan favorites. Every villain had their very own distinctive personalities and traits that shine by way of and, in a crossover universe with Harry Potter, would have made some attention-grabbing Hogwarts college students, however which homes would they’ve been in?


9 Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce in a flashback on The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) was considered one of Elena’s doppelgangers that appeared all through the whole thing of the present’s eight seasons. She was a love curiosity to each Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and had many plans, which included destroying the city of Mystic Falls.

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Katherine was a crafty and manipulative individual with an immense ambition to seek out her daughter. She was decided to destroy the city that gave her numerous ache utilizing the sources out there, from persuading residents that they need to observe her to utilizing her earlier attachments to the Salvatores to finish her plans. These place her into Slytherin.

8 Wes Maxfield

Rick Cosnett as Wes Mayfield in The Vampire Diaries

A Professor at Whitmore Faculty, Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett), devoted his tutorial analysis to the examine of supernatural creatures. Whereas this was a standard prevalence, he later needed to experiment on vampires – attempting to rid the world of the species by having them activate each other.

Wes Maxfield could be a Hufflepuff, much like Newt Scamander from the Incredible Beasts films. Hufflepuffs have an ethic for onerous work and persistence, which might come hand in hand with the dedication to researching a legendary species. Whereas he has some traits of Ravenclaw, akin to his intelligence, his loyalty to his craft and the varsity push him to be sorted into Hufflepuff.

7 Silas

Paul Wesley as Silas in the Vampire Diaries

Being the husband of Qetsiyah and one of many first doppelgangers to Stefan Salvatore, Silas had one purpose: Destroy The Different Aspect, the place all supernatural creatures reside after dying, and save his love, Amara (Nina Dobrev).

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Resourcefulness, cunningness, and dedication are some traits demonstrated by the Slytherin home, all of which Silas has. He has to make do with what he has, being from 1st Century B.C.E and introduced into the modern-day. His dedication spanned throughout centuries, attempting to flee in addition to the cunningness to govern these round him into finishing his purpose.

6 Sybil

Nathalie Kelley as Sybil in The Vampire Diaries

One of many antagonists from Season 8, Sybil (Nathalie Kelley), was a siren often called the Amory monster who compelled Damon and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) into working for her, Tasked with bringing her sinners for her to remain younger and immortal.

Sybil reveals indicators of a Hufflepuff however is finally higher as a Slytherin. As a Hufflepuff, she reveals loyalty in direction of Cade as his soul harvester; nevertheless, the basic traits of a Slytherin crop up extra together with her cunningness and ambition. Her manipulation of Damon and Enzo is a giant one, together with her utilizing different folks to do her bidding. Nonetheless, she can also be bold together with her purpose to be younger perpetually, utilizing the sources of sinners round her to attain this.

5 Esther Mikaelson

Esther Mikaelson is the matriarch of the Mikaelson household and an achieved witch. She had been the one to create the primary Vampires, turning her kids after the lack of considered one of her sons to be able to maintain all of them secure. She is a short antagonist in Season 3 of the present, chargeable for opening a gateway to The Different Aspect.

Whereas lots of the highly effective witches of the present might be simply positioned into Ravenclaw, Esther may be simply sorted into Hufflepuff. The motivations behind the creation of vampirism have been loyalty and dedication to her household, wanting them to be collectively perpetually. These are each traits of Hufflepuffs, together with Onerous-work and friendliness, which is seen in flashbacks and within the spinoff, The Originals.

4 Kai Parker

Kai Parker tries to use his magic in The Vampire Diaries(1)

Thought-about one of many evilest villains of the present, Kai Parker was Season 6’s antagonist. He was a strong warlock and siphoner who forcefully merged together with his twin sister, Josette, after murdering his household and coven to be able to be the chief of the Gemini Coven.

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Kai is a transparent Slytherin. He’s extremely crafty, manipulating his household, buddies, and foes into working for him. Whereas he’s intelligent, a trait of Ravenclaws, he’s progressive, determining new methods to be able to obtain his ambitions of being the dominant twin and chief of the coven.

3 Arcadius

Wolé Parks as Cade in the Vampire Diaries

As a remaining villain in Season 8, Arcadius was The Vampire Diaries’ embodiment of the Satan, nicknamed Cade. He had been somebody who was handled badly prior to now, so needed to punish these with any darkish secrets and techniques.

Whereas the motivations of his punishments have been questionable, Arcadius could be sorted into Hufflepuff. He has a pleasant demeanor when not terrorizing the sinners and is hard-working to maintain the world peaceable. He has a excessive dedication to his objectives in addition to a excessive tolerance for many who work for him, akin to Sybil and her egocentric actions.

2 Rayna Cruz

Rayna Cruz in The Vampire Diaries.

Season 7’s antagonist, Rayna Cruz (Leslie-Anne Huff), was a vampire hunter who was part of the Brotherhood of 5. This group was devoted to trapping vampire’s souls into the Phoenix Stone, a strong talisman.

All through her pursuit of Stefan, she was proven to be extremely intelligent and sharp-minded, together with her ways into capturing him and people round him, in addition to displaying herself to be clever together with her information of the species from her adamant research with the Brotherhood. These traits put her to be in Ravenclaw.

1 Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson (from the Vampire Diaries) smiling like he did something wrong.

Klaus Mikaelson, one of many Originals and beloved antagonist turned ally all through the present. His objectives had been to interrupt a curse concealing his werewolf bloodline in addition to to create a hybrid military of vampires.

Whereas many would argue that Klaus is a Slytherin, he has many traits that might put him into Gryffindor. Klaus is a brave and courageous man who sacrifices himself for his household whereas additionally serving to to deal with risks far greater than himself. Whereas he’s a crafty, bold individual, that are traits of Slytherin, he’s assured in himself and his skills as a hybrid vampire-werewolf, in addition to his earlier place as King of New Orleans.

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