10 Occasions Crew Members Made An Look On The Present

Amidst all the cringe-inducing episodes and in-office relationship drama, it is simple for followers to neglect that The Workplace is a mockumentary, full with a fake movie crew that’s behind the digicam always.

Most occasions, the one trace on the movie crew is a shaky digicam once in a while. However, there are a handful of occasions when the faux movie crew inserted themselves into the lives of the workplace workers, whether or not that be speaking to the characters from behind the digicam or really being seen within the shot.

“Workplace Olympics” (Season 2, Episode 3)

The Office season 2

One of many first cases of a crew member being seen is throughout the “Workplace Olympics” episode in season 2. Earlier than this episode, there was a increase mic in-frame throughout the pilot and voices could possibly be heard off-camera throughout the “Sizzling Woman” episode.


However, the primary that the digicam catches a crew member is true after Pam hangs the join the “1st Dunder Mifflin Workplace Olympiad” banner. The digicam pans proper and a second cameraman will be seen making an attempt to step out of view of the shot, harness and all.

“Workplace Olympics” Half 2

The Office: Somehow We Manage Office Olympics

The “opening ceremony” of the Workplace Olympics wasn’t the one time {that a} crew member was seen within the second season episode. After Michael and Dwight return and everybody goes again to work, there is a zoomed-in shot of Ryan throwing away his yogurt lid medals.

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Because the cameraman pans to get the trash can within the shot, the identical harness-wearing cameraman from earlier will be seen rapidly stepping out of view. Apparently, his reflexes and spatial consciousness weren’t working very properly that day.

“The Fireplace” (Season 2, Episode 4)

Michael, Ryan, and Dwight in front of Ryan's car on The Office

Ryan Howard had a gradual transformation all through The Workplace, however he began out stating, “I do not need to be a ‘man’ right here” throughout the episode that he unintentionally began a hearth within the break room. When Michael and Dwight try to make Ryan into one of many “three musketeers,” one other crew member will be seen.

Dwight is testing the shocks on Ryan’s automobile and the digicam strikes to heart Michael. Within the background, a second cameraman speedily steps to his proper to get out of the shot however is seen nonetheless. They positively peppered in additional proof of the crew within the earlier seasons whereas they had been making an attempt to cement the tone of the present.

“The Battle” (Season 2, Episode 6)

Dwight finding his desk in the bathroom on The Office

Because the present continued by way of its second season, they grew to become extra artistic within the ways in which they sprinkled within the documentary crew’s presence. One notable look was throughout the chilly open for “The Battle,” throughout one of many many best-ranked pranks on The Workplace.

Jim managed to maneuver Dwight’s total desk setup into the toilet, with Dwight following the telephone wire till he discovered every part. As Dwight’s mouth drops open in shock, the cameraman that adopted him into the toilet will be seen within the reflection of the toilet mirror.

“The Shopper” (Season 2, Episode 7)

Michael on the phone under his desk on The Office

One of many first occasions that an workplace worker really acknowledged the presence of the movie crew past simply very pointed eye contact with the digicam was throughout “The Shopper,” and the interplay is completely hysterical.

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After Jan and Michael hook up, she calls him to say that it was a mistake. When Michael realizes that the decision goes south, he tries to inform the cameraman to depart. As a substitute, he will get up from his seated filming angle and follows Michael underneath his desk, the place he is making an attempt to cover.

“Dunder Mifflin Infinity: Half 2” (Season 4, Episode 4)

Michael opening the door of his sinking car for the cameraman on The Office

When tasked with filming the workplace workers of a paper-selling firm, the movie crew by no means may have guessed that their lives would doubtlessly be put at risk. Nevertheless, that is precisely what occurred to at least one cameraman when Michael and Dwight go on their very own journey and Michael follows his GPS straight right into a lake.

The cameraman retains his cool because the automobile begins to fill with water, and he continues to movie Michael and Dwight as they make their escape. Michael opens the again door for the cameraman and his silhouette will be seen by followers as he will get one final shot of the automobile being submerged.

“Cash: Half 2” (Season 4, Episode 8)

Michael and Jan's feet hanging off a train on The Office

Redditors deemed Michael and Jan one of many worst relationships in The Workplace, however that does not imply they did not have some candy moments. When Michael–unsuccessfully–tries to run away on a practice, Jan tracks him all the way down to let him know that she’ll be there to help him.

A couple of cameramen had been current for the romantic and heartfelt trade. Particularly, one in all them will be seen standing inside the practice automobile getting an alternate shot when Jan asks Michael what is going on on. They’ve really confirmed that they will go to nice lengths to observe the characters on their wild shenanigans.

“Dinner Social gathering” (Season 4, Episode 13)

The Office dinner party

The “Dinner Social gathering” episode of The Workplace is a fan favourite, with some pondering it has among the finest humor of the entire present. As issues change into more and more cringey and tensions rise between Jan and Michael, followers are reminded that there are two cameramen there witnessing all of it.

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As Jan goes to activate Hunter’s music for the second time after Michael hangs up a neon beer signal, there’s a temporary glimpse of a cameraman standing subsequent to Michael’s spot on the desk. They had been undoubtedly wishing that they had been wherever however at that banquet.

“Buyer Loyalty” (Season 9, Episode 12)

Brian comforting Pam on The Office

For the primary time on the present, followers get to know the identify of one of many crew members: the increase mic man, Brian. After a battle over the telephone with Jim, Pam begins to cry and viewers can hear somebody off-camera ask, “Hey, are you okay?” Pam shakes her head and asks, “What am I doing improper, Brian?”

The digicam pans to Brian and he places his gear all the way down to consolation Pam. It’s kind of of a shock to study that Pam is near somebody on the manufacturing staff, however they’ve additionally been filming the workplace for years at this level, so it is sensible that they’ve developed relationships with their movie topics.

“Vandalism” (Season 9, Episode 14)

Brian protecting Pam on The Office

Brian has one other look two episodes later and he really protects Pam from being bodily attacked. When a prank will get misinterpreted, one of many warehouse staff thinks Pam ruined his automobile and he begins to cost at her.

Brian instantly tells him to cease and when he does not, he hits him within the face together with his increase mic. As issues begin to get extra violent, Pam calls out “Guys!” to the opposite members of the movie crew and the three males sort out the warehouse employee to the bottom as Pam hides.

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