100 Questions That Will Help You Get to Know Your Crush

Nothing can make your mind go blank like having your crush sit down across from you. All the witty observations, sharp jokes, and insightful thought drain from your head. But how are you supposed to figure out if you and your crush have long-term potential if you can barely speak around them? That’s why having a handy list of questions to ask your crush can be so helpful. Having things to ask your crush ready to go can help you get to know them better, and can help them get to know you better, so you can go from fantasizing to actually dating (if you want to).

The great thing about these questions to ask your crush is that you can ask them on a first date, or you can sneak them into a conversation that sparks when you run into each other by happenstance. They’ll help you get to know about your crush’s childhood, goals, and favorite things, and give you a chance to open up about those areas of your life as well. These are just a starting point that will hopefully spark even more conversation — or they won’t, and you’ll know that this crush is a dead end and there’s someone out there better suited for you. Happy asking.

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