12 Moments Of Eye Contact With BTS’s Jungkook That Will Make Your Heart Pound

BTS‘s Jungkook has big, beautiful eyes that make it near impossible to hold eye contact with him without shying away! Check out 12 moments that prove if you’re not careful, you’ll trip and fall into the starry galaxy of his gaze.

1. Spotting you in the crowd

This moment alone will make any ARMY feel like one in a million.

2. From the stage

His eyes are sparkling, but he’s in serious mode!

3. During an interview

He knows what he’s doing!



4. While getting ready

It’s okay to get a little embarassed.

5. Being flirty

No shame here!

6. A cute side glance

It’s just like a dagger to the heart.

7. Catching his eye

You have something on your face, Jungkook: Perfection.

8. A serious moment

Try not to nervously look away challenge: Failed.

9. Dramatic gaze

His eyes hold an entire galaxy!

10. Cuddly cutie

This GIF is legendary.

11. Bunny vlogger

The big eyes, the bunny teeth — It’s too much for my heart.

12. Fatally cute

Jungkook will guaranteed win any staring contest with ARMYs!

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