12 Times BTS’s V And Jungkook Proved Their Visual Combination Is “Chef’s Kiss”

Visual duos are two members in a group who enhance each other’s best qualities when side by side. BTS‘s V and Jungkook are a perfect example of this! With V’s angular features and Jungkook’s softer look, the two come together to create perfect visual harmony. Check out 12 times they proved it below!

1. The power they radiate is insane!

2. They give off the aura of a bunny and a fox!

3. Zootopia’s Judy and Nick, is that you?

4. The classy look is superior.

5. Handsome guy next to a handsome guy!


6. Beware: Dangerous to the heart!


7. It’s easy to get lost in their eyes.

8. The contrast in their auras is the best!

9. As the two youngest members, this duo is too precious.

10. They grew up well together!

11. They’re the definition of “two pretty best friends.”

12. It’s no wonder netizens have fallen for them!

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