2PM’s JunHo Stages To Remind You That He Is A True Performer

2PM’s JunHo is a member of the global sensational group 2PM who has been at the helm of the rise of K-Pop for over a decade. With an impressive discography and a cabinet filled with awards, 2PM till this day are often regarded as one of the best K-Pop idol groups in history.

JunHo is one of the famous members of the group. Known for his fit physique, incredible body proportions, striking visuals, bright smile, stellar acting prowess, and a killer stage presence. The idol has been an inspiration to many.

New fans might just consider him as an actor, due to his outstanding performance in his role as LeeSan in ‘The Red Sleeve” and the series’ record-breaking success. However, the acting-dol is also an exemplary stage performer, and here are some of his stages to remind you of that fact.


1. ‘A.D.T.O.Y’


JunHo’s return from the military was marked with a 2PM comeback. The anticipated album was a complete success as fans were reminded of their impressive musical talents. This stage performance was nothing but a pure representation of where JunHo is today. Grown, mature, sexy, confident, and elegant, the idol delivered a breathtaking performance. Cladded in leather pants and a sleeveless shirt, with his dance moves, he showed off a level of sensuality that is bound to drive viewers crazy. A trait that is subjected to him and him alone.


2. ‘Make It’

Fans and viewers will always be in awe of JunHo’s vast talents and his captivating stage performances are one of them. Looking like a sexy scientist in glasses, the idol immediately draws your attention, with his entrancing facial expressions, sleek and clean dance moves, soft vocal tone, and visuals that would make the hearts of viewers swoon, like many other perfomances, JunHo showed that on stage, he is truly in his element. 


3. ‘Señorita’

Alongside Girls Generation’s YoonA, JunHo surprised fans and viewers with a sleek and beautiful dance cover of Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes‘s hit song ‘Señorita’ at the MBC Music Festival. This stage performance went viral as fans could not stop talking about his impressive dance moves, stunning facial expressions, and his insane chemistry with YoonA.


4. ‘My House’

Perhaps one of the group’s most popular songs and one of JunHo’s iconic performances. So iconic that even while he was in the military, his fancam went viral and viewers couldn’t help but wonder who he is. Sexy, sleek, elegant, appealing, and alluring, there are so many more words we could use to describe JunHo in this stage performance and we believe for a long time, viewers and fans will still make reference to this song and performance. 


5. ‘OK or Not’

Are we okay or not? Well, the answer might be Not as like fans we simply cannot get over how good this stage performance is. From his elegant outfit to his sweet vocal tone, his breath-taking visuals, captivating facial expression, and his signature sensual dance moves, JunHo presented these elements and so much more that will make viewers say “No, we are not okay, because we want more”.

Which of these performances is your favorite? Which ones would you also recommend we check out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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