3 Actresses Who Would Make Perfect Girl Group Visual Center Member

Actresses in South Korea display a really refined style of beauty.

Some in particular would have made absolutely stunning and fine center positions for K-Pop idol girl groups, as they have the presence and charisma to attract the viewers’ attention in an instant.

Not just beautiful, but also having that special extra X-factor that make them seem more than just a mere human, two actresses come right to mind when thinking of which might make the best center position for girl groups.

Kim YooJung is one of them. So to see how she might look like as a center of a girl group, we can check out the following GIF’s shown below.

This was her back when she was just sixteen years old.With proper training, she clearly would have made a fine idol.

Han SoHee is also another actress who may make a great visual center for a girl group, given the uncanny resemblance she shares with ITZY’s RyuJin.

And last but not least, Park MinYoung, who showed off her dance skills by dancing to Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman’, might have been a girl group member in another life.

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