30 Kin Sore wa 30-sai Miman Okotowari no Koi (2021) Cast & Summary


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30-year-old Mariyama Shino heads the PR department of Yotsuba Homes, a home builder. She has had her share of work, romance and fun. All that is left is marriage. While work is fulfilling, Shino does not have a boyfriend. She intends to find someone of a similar age to settle down with in her 30s and thinks that she would do well in everything. One evening, Shino finishes work and is about to go home when a man who is clearly younger calls out to her outside the building. This man, Sato Mayuki, is nine years her junior and someone she does not even know. He says he fell in love with her at first sight after she gave him water when he was suffering from heat stroke one day. Then he suddenly asks her to date him. Shino is taken aback rather than surprised. Moved by Mayuki’s honesty and fervour, she agrees to go out with him until she is able to find a marriage partner. However, just when Shino is having a happy time with Mayuki, her mother calls her about a matchmaking session. Although she tries to break up with Mayuki, she finds herself faltering. On her way to the matchmaking session, she encounters a molester. A guy steps in to save her. He turns out to be Kawai Kento, the man she is supposed to meet. They have a good conversation and she has a favourable impression of him as her future husband. But Mayuki’s honest feelings make her heart waver.

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* Matsui Rena as Mariyama Shino
* Suzuki Jin as Sato Mayuki
* Moriya Kanna as Kaneko Satoko
* Deguchi Natsuki as Imai Ena
* Ota Rina as Osaka Mitsuru
* Okayama Hajime as Imai Tatsuzo
* Fukushi Seiji as Kawai Kento

Original Work
30 Kin ~ Sore wa 30-sai Miman Okotowari no Koi by Hata Akimi

Seki Hisayo

Miyawaki Ryo, Asami Masafumi

Theme Song
Omajinai by Honoka Lynn

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