4 Reasons To Stan TXT’s YeonJun

YeonJun has many times proven himself to be one of the aces of the fourth generation K-Pop. He is the member of  TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER), which made their debut in 2019 with their EP album, “The Dream Chapter: Star.” The group consists of five members namely: BeomGyu, SooBin, TaeHyun, Huening Kai and YeonJun

The group today officially stands among the most successful groups of K-Pop. YeonJun too made many fall for his charms around the world but of course by working hard. The idol excels at many fields, be it modeling, acting or being an all rounder idol. His fans even call him the ‘IT Boy of 4th Generation K-Pop’.

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1. An All Rounder Idol 

YeonJun is an idol who raps well, is a profound dancer and has beautiful vocals. In terms of dancing, he himself said, “When I dance there is no limit. It allows me to express myself. I think it’s the best way to express myself.”



We all might recognize him as Studio Choom’s Artist Of The Month for July 2021. The male slayed his performance on ‘Watermelon Sugar’ X ‘Blow’. It is fair to say the idol stole the spotlight with the video gaining 13 million views on YouTube. YeonJun took the opportunity to express his charms with his swift movements. The performance went so much viral that TXT performed it as a group in Golden Disk Awards 2022.

Similarly he even represented TXT in 2021 MAMA, joined by Stray Kids’s HyunJin, ITZY’s Yeji, ENHYPEN’s HeeSeung, ATEEZ’s WooYoung and aespa’s Karina. YeonJun performed on dramatic rock musical, his movements smooth yet strong. 


YeonJun also often leaves many speechless with his beautiful vocals. Recently, he even collaborated with Alan Walker and Salem Ilese along with his fellow member TaeHyun for the song ‘PS5’. He showcased his vocals many times, specially when he covered ‘Thank You Next’ by Ariana Grande and ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes, along with his members and even ‘Stay’ by Justin Bieber with TXT’s TaeHyun.


 YeonJun raps in almost all of TXT songs, with his most iconic ones being (decided by the fans, MOAs) from ‘Puma’, ‘New Rules’, ‘Run Away’ and ‘Drama’. The male also featured in ENHYPEN’s song ‘Blockbuster’, where he wrote many rap parts himself. 


2. YeonJun, The 4th Generation Fashionista

YeonJun is very well known for having a unique fashion sense. He confessed that he was interested in fashion since middle school and was inspired by many of his friends.

YeonJun made his modeling debut in “2021 F/W New York Fashion Week.” The idol appeared in outfits of ‘ULKIN’ with the theme being Slaughter. The idol made many gasp by his perfect body proportions and how dapper he looked in a long black coat with one ear piece.

 4 Reasons To Stan TXT's YeonJun


Similarly, the idol also modeled for ELLE wearing Celine recently and even endorsed Celine’s Bag on his Instagram (@yawwnzzn). YeonJun left the fans speechless by his powerful presence in the photos. Many took it to their social media, calling him ‘Celine Boy.’

 4 Reasons To Stan TXT's YeonJun

YeonJun official Instagram


3. YeonJun As An Actor

YeonJun made his acting debut with a cameo on “Live On”, a JTBC series. YeonJun played the role of Baek HoRang’s (Jung DaBin) ex-boyfriend. In episode 8, when the two leads, Baek HoRang and Ko EunTak (NU’EST’s MinHyun) seem to be bonding well, she meets her ex-boyfriend in the library. Though with just one dialogue of, “Hasn’t it been a long time…Do you remember when we dated?” He had his fans squealing non-stop over his charms.

 4 Reasons To Stan TXT's YeonJun



4. Most Tolerant And Caring Hyung

 4 Reasons To Stan TXT's YeonJun


YeonJun is actually is the only child of his parents. He expressed how he would tell his mother that he wanted younger siblings. But fate had other plans, he met four younger brothers through TXT. 

With that said, these younger siblings leave no chance to annoy their hyung. Taking TaeHyun, for example, who always teases YeonJun for being the only 20th century born in the group. BeomGyu leaves no chance to mimic his verses in their songs. Huening Kai would always draw YeonJun’s eyes extremely small and lastly SooBin, who annoys his hyung with his dad jokes.

But with all the jokes aside, YeonJun loves his members dearly. SooBin told his fans (in one of his V Live) that during their trainee days, he fell asleep on YeonJun’s bed whilst brushing his teeth. But the eldest did not wake him up, instead he tucked him in.

Also when BeomGyu got injured during their ‘Crown’ performance, one week after debut, YeonJun assured if he was okay. Similarly, when BeomGyu had a leg injury in Atlanta, the boy was extremely disappointed with his performance but YeonJun comforted the latter, saying that he could not tell if there were any flaws in his performance. 


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