4th Generation Female Kpop Idols Who Are Slaying the Hair Color Game

Kpop is always exciting and never fails to impress. With each new release, idols bring forward styles that often become the next big thing in fashion. Fans often draw inspiration from these idols, especially their daring outfits. One bold move is changing your hair color, which is a more lasting way to embrace these trends. For those seeking new hairstyle ideas, consider these fourth-generation female Kpop idols who excel in showcasing vibrant and unconventional hair colors.

4th Generation Kpop Idols’ Scene Stealer Hair Color

Explore the vibrant world of 4th generation Kpop hair color trends with our in-depth look at idols rocking the stage with bold hues. From EVERGLOW Mia’s dynamic shades to NMIXX Lily’s surprising pink hair, we delve into the styles that define Kpop’s current icons.


EVERGLOW Mia blue hair

In the group’s “First” music video, EVERGLOW Mia boldly showcases a dynamic hairstyle that oscillates between different hues, creating an intriguing and mysterious effect. Her hair, primarily in a vivid blue tone, appears to shift to shades of coral or aquamarine in various scenes, making a strong and captivating statement.


ITZY Yeji half pink

Yeji perfectly embodies both strength and fun with her two-toned hair in pink and ebony black for their album “Crazy In Love.” If you’ve been contemplating a bold move to a vivid shade of pink, her look is the inspiration you need. It’s the style to consider for a daring and playful hair transformation.

TRI.BE Hyunbin

TRIBE Hyunbin

Add a touch of sophistication to your ivory hair with elegant purple highlights. This combination of colors creates a captivating mix of allure and elegance, ensuring you’ll be the center of attention. Rapper Hyunbin demonstrates this style flawlessly, making it an enticing option to consider for your next hair transformation.

aespa Ningning

4th Generation Female Kpop Idols aespa ningning

Ningning showcases that choosing a vibrant red hair color is a brilliant way to stand out and leave a lasting impression. This bold hue remains timeless, especially in Kpop, where idols constantly introduce new and diverse concepts. Red hair is a statement that never loses its charm.


Purple Kiss Dosie

4th Generation Female Kpop Idols purple kiss dosie

Need help deciding between midnight blue and blonde? Purple Kiss’s talented member, Dosie, presents a striking solution in “Zombie” with a Cruella-inspired hairstyle. This unique dual-tone look is a showstopper, perfect for making a statement at any celebration, especially Halloween.


ITZY Ryujin

4th Generation Female Kpop Idols hair color ITZY Ryujin

In the “Crazy In Love” era, Ryujin offers a fresh twist on the Cruella trend. Instead of the usual half-blonde half-black split, the 4th gen Kpop idol uses the same color palette but focuses on upper and front sections of her hair. This approach adds a unique spin to the dual-tone style.


4th Generation Female Kpop Idols hair color

For a complete makeover, consider the timeless charm of mermaid hair. Jia’s style in “Rub-A-Dum” is a perfect example of pastel excellence. Adding loose beach waves can complete this enchanting fairytale appearance.

Kep1er Yeseo

4th Generation Female Kpop Idols hair color Kep1er Yeseo

For the “Queendom 2” finale, YeSeo transformed her signature brunette hair into a radiant red. As the group’s youngest member known for her infectious charm, this shift to a red theme added to her loveliness and appeal. The change surprised some Kep1ians, but it was met with no complaints. Her new look, featuring these striking red locks, was spectacular.

aespa Winter

4th Generation Female Kpop Idols hair color aespa Winter

With the arrival of Winter comes a unique take on the Mother of Dragons hairstyle, as seen in the debut music video for “Black Mamba.” In this look, the lower portion of her hair is infused with blue, enhancing her cool and ethereal presence, much like her stage name suggests.


4th Generation Female Kpop Idols hair color STAYC Yoon

Take a look at Yoon’s approach to the “Stereotype” concept. Rather than choosing bold, standout colors, she adds a subtle twist by coloring the tips of her hair. This technique results in a perfect blend of quirkiness and edginess, offering a unique and stylish look.

Purple Kiss Ireh

Purple Kiss Ireh

This gingery shade of orange is also a classic go-to for many Korean artists because of its versatility in different setups. It is sure to capture the audience’s attention regardless of the stage design and lighting.


NMIXX Lily's pink hair color

For the “DICE” comeback, Lily of NMIXX boldly transitioned from her iconic black and blonde hair to a captivating shade of pink. As a Korean-Australian idol known for her dynamic stage presence, this switch to pink mid-promotion added charm and vitality to her look. The change caught many by surprise, yet it was embraced with enthusiasm. NMIXX Lily’s new pink hair, a delightful choice for the group’s evolving image, was a dazzling highlight, leaving an indelible mark on fans and fashion watchers alike.

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