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5 Iconic K-Dramas That Gave Us OST Fever


Nothing makes a K-Drama more impactful than its OST and some OSTs stay with us long after the drama it is a part of is over. Music has the power to evoke feelings we never even knew we had and when a K-Drama has a memorable OST, it keeps the story locked in our hearts, allowing us to relive the time we spent with its characters and cherish the same. 

K-Dramas that acquired as much buzz over their OST as they did with their stories are known to have caused “OST fever” where fans simply couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat. Here are 5 K-Dramas that gave us OST fever!


1. “Goblin” 

The entire original soundtrack of “Goblin” is a masterpiece, to say the least. Not only does it perfectly capture the essence of the drama but also livens it up, amplifies its sentimentality and makes it unforgettable. Even years down the line, “Goblin” will move fans with its OST just like it did when it was first released.




The latest K-Drama on this list to have shaken fans’ hearts with its extraordinary OST, “Yumi’s Cells” is truly incomparable when it comes to musical storytelling. It must not have been easy to create an OST that represents the drama’s cell world just as accurately as it does its human world, which is exactly why it is even more impressive. As a matter of fact, the OST of “Yumi’s Cells” is the only thing keeping us sane until the second season.


3. “Descendants of the Sun”

It isn’t the least bit surprising that one of the most iconic K-Dramas of all time, one that brought a whole new wave of global recognition to the medium, also has one of the best OSTs ever. The soundtrack of “Descendants of the Sun” tugs at our heartstrings with just as much intensity as the story itself and much like one’s first love, we will never forget how warm it made us feel for the first time.


The K-Drama that took the world by storm upon its release in 2020, “True Beauty” deserves an award just for its OST, which singlehandedly made us dance in our rooms, cry for our lead characters and sulk over the fact that such a heart-fluttering romance will probably just remain a distant dream in reality. The soundtrack to “True Beauty” is undoubtedly the happy pill of K-Drama lovers.


5. “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

The painfully poignant story of love that transcends space and time, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” needed an OST that would be just as powerful and intense as its plot. Needless to say, what we got, far exceeded anything we could have imagined. Besides being musically inspiring and timeless, the moving and evocative nature of the OST is simply exceptional.

Which K-Drama do you think has the best OST of all time? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below! 


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