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5 Non Toxic K-Drama Male Leads That Could Be Your Ideal Type

The K-Drama world has given us quite a few prototypes when it comes to male leads in love stories that have been reworked, transformed and recreated a number of times. While some are truly precious and loveable, others, not so much. There’s no dearth of K-Drama male leads who might seem dreamy on the surface but are walking red flags when it comes to relationships. 

Here are 5 non-toxic male leads that stole our hearts with their healthy approach towards their significant others!


EunSeob is the very embodiment of patience and perseverance. There’s a stillness and constancy to him that is not only endearing but also comforting. He is the kind of person you can vent all night to and they’d still be patting your back, saying that everything will be fine. EunSeob’s gentle demeanor, paired with his passionate love for Mok HaeWon (Park MinYoung) is truly a blessing. 


 5 Non Toxic K-Drama Male Leads That Could Be Your Ideal Type


Who doesn’t want a Captain Ri in their lives? Ri JungHyeok is considerate, deeply loyal, an honest friend, and a sincere lover. He would go to great lengths to protect his loved ones and he knows his own importance in their lives too, which always makes for a fulfilling dynamic. 


 5 Non Toxic K-Drama Male Leads That Could Be Your Ideal Type


Not only is Lee Gon a feminist through and through but he is also one of the most understanding, nurturing, kind, and respectful K-Drama men out there. The fact that he holds his own ground (in this case, his empire) and fulfills his duties while Jeong TaeEul (Kim GoEun) does the same in a whole other dimension but they’re still able to maintain a healthy relationship nonetheless is truly heartening. After all, they’re the King and Queen for a reason!


 5 Non Toxic K-Drama Male Leads That Could Be Your Ideal Type


The poster child of advocating self-love through his roles in K-Dramas, Cha EunWoo has always played extraordinary characters that showed viewers what non-toxic masculinity looks like. Among them, Do KyungSuk definitely comes to mind as one of the most desirable boyfriends you could have. From learning about Kang MiRae’s (Im SooHyang) love language to giving her as much space as she would like to gradually open up, KyungSuk knows what he is doing and we couldn’t be prouder.


 5 Non Toxic K-Drama Male Leads That Could Be Your Ideal Type


Jung JiUn in “The King’s Affection”, wonderfully played by SF9’s RoWoon, set the standards for romantic partners so high that reality seems to fall woefully short. His honesty is one of his biggest assets and his fearlessness is a close second, which makes for a terrific combination. In addition, his unrestrained and romantic nature is just the cherry on the cake!

Which K-Drama male lead is your ideal type and why? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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