5 Personality Traits That Prove BTS’s Jungkook Is A Total Virgo

BTS‘s Jungkook is the very definition of a Virgo!

BTS’s Jungkook | BTS/Weverse

Here are 5 traits Jungkook has that prove he’s a total Virgo!

1. He’s incredibly hardworking

Virgos are one of the hardest working zodiac signs! They love checking things off their to-do list and achieving their goals. Jungkook works extremely hard to be the best musician and performer he can be. He even works hard on fun activities and hobbies, like cinematography, painting, and drawing.

2. He’s super reliable

People always know they can count on Jungkook! Although he’s the youngest member of BTS, his fellow members know he’s always there for them when they need him. He doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need, and he’s been spotted multiple times helping staff members clean up during and after filmings and concerts.



3. He’s very private

Virgos are notoriously private! This sign tends to keep to themselves and doesn’t share too much of what’s going on in their lives in person or on social media. If you’ve ever spent days wishing Jungkook would post a Weverse, Twitter, or Instagram update, you know Jungkook is the very definition of a private Virgo!

4. He’s beyond creative

Jungkook is a creative genius! He’s not only a great musician and songwriter, but he excels in multiple forms of visual arts, too. He perfectly expresses himself through his music, videos, photos, drawings, and paintings.

5. He’s a total perfectionist

Virgos are perfectionists! They always give 100%, and they never accept less than their very best. Some Virgos have a tendency to not be satisfied with themselves or their work no matter how awesome everybody else thinks they are. Jungkook always does his very best, but he sometimes mentions that his performances are lacking even though the other members and ARMY know that he always excels in everything he does.




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