5 Reasons Why We Are Into CRAVITY’s TaeYoung

CRAVITY’s TaeYoung is a rookie idol having made his official debut with super rookie group CRAVITY in 2020. The idol is one that many fans have seemingly gravitated to, because of his delightful and bright nature, stunning visuals, and an impeccable stage performer with a magnetic presence that makes him stand out in the midst of his peers. The idol is definitely one of the fast-rising rookie idols who is deservedly gaining recognition.

And like fans, here are some of the reasons why we cannot help but stan CRAVITY’s TaeYoung.


1. He is very artistic

Aside from his budding musical and stage performance talents, it would seem his artistic nature also involves drawing and painting. In this vlog, he shows off his artistic nature when he visits a shoe store and paints the body of a pair of sneakers. The outcome was a stylish fashion piece that we are sure, fans would love to wear.



2. He is super funny


The self-proclaimed funniest member in CRAVITY definitely lives up to his hype as every take of him is either super cute, weird, hilarious, or a mix of all three. His reactions, facial expressions, and quick-witted responses are always entertaining to watch. Loud, vibrant, and always at an 11 when everyone is at a 10, his energy is so captivating and exciting. 


3. He is extremely smart

Despite his ever-so-busy schedule as a rookie idol, he has time to take classes and exams, which just reinforces the idea of how hard many rookie idols work. In this vlog, he captures the moment when he takes his GED test. Although he was nervous, he tried to project a calm nature, a claim to his level of maturity. And when he reads his scores at the end of the video, the glow on his face shows just how proud and happy he is about his accomplishment. 


4. Stage performance

Stage performances have always been a key reason why many fans stan their favorite idols and for CRAVITY’s TaeYoung, his stage performances are close to perfection. With eyes so focused they look like they’re blazing with fire, intricate close to perfection like dance moves, and a charismatic stage presence that always leaves fans screaming for more, TaeYoung is clearly on the path towards being a renowned idol stage performer. 


5. Visuals!

 5 Reasons Why We Are Into CRAVITY's TaeYoung

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Like the rest of the CRAVITY members, TaeYoung is undeniably handsome. Armed with stunning visuals that make his playful and cute personality even more charming and lovable. With his puppy dolled eyes, cute dimples that would serve as a serotonin boost when he smiles, and his towering height, the idol stands out as one of the best-looking rookie idols as of today. The self-proclaimed “Best looking member” in the group could be the visual representation of the group who like him, are equally charming and attractive. 

Are you new to CRAVITY or TaeYoung? Get more updates from the rookie group on Twitter and Instagram. Also be sure to check out their concept film “LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS


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