5 Rolling Quartz Songs You Need To Check Out If You’re Into K-Rock Girl Bands

Rolling Quartz, one of the brightest rising stars of the K-Rock world, has officially made a comeback with their 1st mini-album “Fighting”, featuring 6 songs spanning 20 minutes and 38 seconds. Their trailblazing originality, dedication, and hard work have established them as a force to be reckoned with among rookies. Besides being a rock band, the members of Rolling Quartz all participate in the songwriting, composing, and arrangement of the music they make, which speaks volumes of their talent.

If you’re new to Rolling Quartz, here are 5 songs by the girl band that you should listen to, to get into the fandom!


1. ‘Blaze’

One of the group’s catchiest songs so far, ‘Blaze’ is the perfect song for introducing a new listener to the group. With all the zest and intensity of classic rock to the striking lyrics, everything about this song is uniquely Rolling Quartz. Don’t forget to listen to the instrumental version for total immersion!



2. ‘Random’


Produced by 015B, ‘Random’ by Rolling Quartz is a musical exhibition of the group’s versatility and a step towards the solidification of their signature style. The range and stability of the vocals by JaYoung in this song are spectacular, to say the least, and so are the strength and hold of the rest of the band members, Arem, Iree, YeongEun, and HyunJung in their own respective fields. The guitar riffs, bass bounce, and intense drums are simply blissful to the ears.


3. ‘Rock’n’Roll Paradise’

Even though Rolling Quartz has performed this song live quite a few times, we finally have a studio version of the same on their latest EP “Fighting” and needless to say, it is absolutely incredible. Get ready to headbang your heart out as the girls take over your senses with “Rock’n’Roll Paradise”. If you haven’t been convinced by the last two songs to become a DIADEM, this one will definitely do the trick.


4. ‘Azalea’

Bringing you the rock cover of an iconic Korean song, originally by MAYA, Rolling Quartz does much more than justice to the song. The band successfully imbues the original with their own spirit, recreating it rather than simply attempting to cover it. This is easily one of the best renditions of the song, of all time.


5. ‘Higher’

Finally, a song that will awaken your inner rocker, ‘Higher’ is a Rolling Quartz masterpiece. Pumped with intensity and thrill, you cannot help but fall in love with ‘Higher’ and replay it over and over again. If you ever need a boost of energy, allow this song motivate you to seize the day.

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