6 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Apink’s New Comeback “Horn”

 6 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Apink's New Comeback "Horn"” />

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Apink is one of the most well-known girl groups in South Korea’s entertainment industry. After almost 2 years of hiatus, Apink is coming back with new and impactful songs with their album “HORN” released on Feb. 14.

 6 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Apink's New Comeback "Horn"

Apink Official

Let’s explore the 6 reasons why you can’t miss Apink’s new comeback.



1. Cool and catchy title track



This comeback’s title track ‘Dilemma’ is full of many unique beats and arrangements. It is also produced by the legendary Black Eyed Pilseung, the producer behind STAYC‘s ‘Stereotype’, Apink’s ‘I’m so sick, ‘Eung Eung’ and ‘Dumhdurum’.


2. Amazing vocals from every Apink member


Ranging from the power house vocal of Jeong EunJi to the comforting voice of Oh HaYoung. Every member has their own unique charm that compliments each other in every song. You can take a look by watching this video. 


3. Unique Choreography


As shown in Apink’s recent interview in “Shorterview” with Jessie. Apink’s lead dancer Kim NamJoo demonstrated the sequence of the dance in a very swift and elegant manner. You can take a look at the choreography near the end of this video.


4. Beautiful and memorable side tracks


This special Album “Horn” consists of 11 songs. Each song is written and produced by various top producers ranging from Black Eyed Pilseung to ZigZag Note. Every member has participated in the lyrics writing of this album. Park ChoRong wrote ‘Free and love’, Yoon BoMi wrote ‘Thank you’, Jeong EunJi wrote ‘Dream’, Son NaEun wrote ‘Holy Moly’, Kim NamJoo wrote ‘Just like that’, and Oh HaYoung wrote ‘Trip’. With all of this in mind, it is guaranteed that Apink has poured in all of their hearts into this album. 


5. It signifies Apink’s legacy on the K-Pop industry


As an 11-year-old girl group, Apink has proven to the world that it is a long-lasting girl group. This is only possible because of their friendship, their love for Pandas (Apink’s Fanclub Name) and their versatility. They have shifted from an innocent, cute concept to a more mature, sophisticated and sexy concept ever since ‘I’m so sick’. This has allowed them to experiment and open new opportunities in their music.


6. It signifies Apink’s new era

 6 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Apink's New Comeback "Horn"

Apink Official

Even though last year Apink has faced many challenges and difficulties, it has persevered. With this new era, a special movie “Horn” is about to be released in several CGV theaters across South Korea. This will be one of the greatest moments in Apink’s history and the K-Pop industry.

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