7 NCT Covers You Need To Check Out


 7 NCT Covers You Need To Check Out

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Though NCT holds an extremely diverse discography, the boys have not strayed away from taking on new musical genres. From ballads to mainstream pop, members of NCT have showcased their vocals through a variety of covers.

Whether it be in a New York subway station or a rooftop in Seoul, these covers are guaranteed to amaze individuals all around. Nonetheless, here are seven NCT covers to check out!


1. ‘Unbreakable Love’ (Eric Chou) by XiaoJun and RenJun



Coming from two different units, RenJun and XiaoJun came together for an unforeseen cover of Eric Chou’s ‘Unbreakable Love’. Though the two have previously collaborated on NCT U songs, this cover highlights their strong vocal points. Beautiful harmonies between both vocalists are guaranteed to relax listeners upon listening.



2. ‘idontwannabeyouanymore’ (Billie Eilish) by DoYoung


While embarking on NCT 127’s 1st tour: NEO CITY – The Origin, DoYoung found some extra time to cover Billie Eilish’s ‘idontwannabeyouanymore’ in a New York subway station. Despite the location, he shamlessly covers the song while attracting individuals passing by.


3. ‘Red Bean’ (Khalil Fong) by Kun and XiaoJun


In preparation for WayV’s ‘Rainbow V’ project, Kun and XiaoJun collaborated on a touching cover of Khalil Fong’s ‘Red Bean’. When choosing a concept for this project, they decided on providing viewers a sense of warmth in both their vocals and atmosphere. Covering the song on a rooftop amid Seoul’s night view, their goals are achieved.


4. ‘I Like Me Better’ (Lauv) by JaeHyun


Displaying a different side to himself, JaeHyun takes on Lauv’s ‘I Like Me Better’ during NCT 127’s 1st tour: NEO CITY – The Origin. Recording scenes in London and Paris, JaeHyun takes on a new genre of music while showing his unique charms. Paired with the beautiful scenery, this cover will make uplift viewers all around!


5. ‘Heart’ (IU) by JiSung


As a birthday surprise, JiSung covered IU’s ‘Heart’ to capture the hearts of NCTzens! Known for his dance skills, this cover showcased a softer side to JiSung by highlighting a softer concept. The white set paired with his warm vocals calls for the perfect song to listen to in the winter time. 


6. ‘For Life’ English Version (EXO) by XiaoJun


Though it may be ambitious to cover a senior’s song, XiaoJun seamlessly took on EXO’s ‘For Life’. For the PLAYV series on WayV’s youtube channel, XiaoJun gifted this cover as a year-end surprise to fans. Known for his powerful, yet distinct ‘prince-like’ vocals, XiaoJun is sure to catch the attention of new listeners. 


7. ‘White’ (TVXQ) by Yuta


Regardless of the season, Christmas covers by NCT can be played year round. Shot in the streets of New York City, Yuta covers TVXQ’s ‘White’. With beautiful shots of the city and of Yuta himself, fans can visualize the warmth of the winter months. Exhibiting a softer side to his artistry, Yuta captures the ears of both TVXQ and NCT fans with this cover!

Despite holding a range of positions in their respective units, NCT members continue to show their versatility through these covers. Which cover do you like best? Share your favourites in the comments below!



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