7 Things BTS Jimin’s Facial Features Say About His Personality

Can you judge a book by its cover? Here’s what BTS Jimin‘s facial features say about his personality, according to Australian “people reader” Alan Stevens‘ criteria.

1. Confidence

People with wider faces (70%+ as wide) tend to be less cautious and more confident than those with narrower faces (less than 60% as wide as they are long).

Jimin | @bts_bighit/Twitter

As someone with a slender face, Jimin is the type of person who looks before he leaps.

2. Friendliness

A person’s friendliness is indicated by the distance between the top of the eye to the eyebrow compared to the height of the eye. People with lower brows need less personal space than people with higher set brows.

| GQ Korea


Jimin’s brows fall somewhere in the middle, which indicates that he loves to be around others but also cherishes his personal space.


3. Tolerance

According to Stevens, people with wider-set eyes tolerate errors more willingly than those with eyes set closer together.

As someone with wider-set eyes, Jimin is a highly tolerant person who isn’t quick to make judgments about other people.

4. Sense of Humor

People with longer philtrums are more likely to be humorous, while people with shorter philtrums are serious by nature.

Don’t let this photo fool you! As ARMYs know, Jimin is a born comedian who keeps his BTS members entertained. His philtrum is on the longer side.

5. Generosity

If eyes are the windows to the soul, lips are the window to the…heart? Individuals with full upper lips are more generous with their words and actions than people with thinner upper lips. If you have a thinner upper lip, you might be a quiet and concise person.

| Chilsung Cider/Facebook

Jimin’s plush, pillow lips are as full as his heart! He is always there to offer comfort and encouragement to both his members and his fans.

6. Worldview

“Decisive” and “action-driven” people like Jimin tend to have thin eyelid folds or no eyelid folds at all. On the other hand, people with thicker eyelid folds are “analytical” by nature.

7. Magnetism

People with “deeper-coloured eyes” like Jimin are naturally charismatic and have high levels of personal magnetism. The deeper and richer the color, the more charismatic the person. (Does that explain The Jimin Effect?)

| Weverse

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