7 Times ATEEZ’s San Made Us Believe He’s A Stage Monster (Part 2)

ATEEZ’s San belongs to the contingent of artists that one can easily say are born to perform. Anyone who has seen San performing on stage is often left in awe of his powerful stage presence and the passion he carries for his art and many endearingly say borders possession. In a room full of ever-increasing idols, San has established himself as an idol whose fierce onstage spirit that never dulls sets him apart from his peers. Many of the juniors in the industry look up to him as well. 

So we have picked 7 of San’s mind-blowing stage performances that prove just why he’s known as the stage monster.

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Note: This is not a ranking


1. ‘Inception’

One of San’s many strengths is his expressiveness. He completely immerses himself into the song and takes the viewer along the journey as well. ‘Inception’ is one of those breathtaking songs that San expresses beautifully conveying the heartbreak and delusion while not betraying the subtle technicalities of the routine.




2. ‘Wolf’ 

San’s amazing flexibility was on full display with this performance of ‘Wolf’ on “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR” by the MAYFLY dance unit consisting of members from BTOB, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ. San performed the complex choreography with the same ferociousness and agility as a wolf and you CAN NOT miss this one.


3. ‘To The Beat + THANXX’ 

This San’s fancam of ATEEZ’s performance at “Gayo Daejon 2020” is dangerously stunning. He was totally feeling it. Choreographies like ‘To The Beat’ and ‘THANXX’ highlight that San has really strong foundations as well. There is never a dull moment when he takes the stage and especially this one.


4. ‘The Real’ 

‘The Real’ comes under the category of high-energy choreographies of ATEEZ. The song mixes cool grooves and full-fledged moves to create a fun routine. While San had always been a great dancer, he’s now become more polished and better than ever. San’s take over in the pre-verse is quite a highlight where he finely balances humility and subtle chutzpah that forms the core of the song.


5. ‘GANG’ 

This performance has a similar vibe to the epic ATEEZ dance choreography video on ‘Pick It Up’ by Famous Dex feat. A$AP Rocky released during their pre-debut. San’s ability to flow into different styles of dances is very impressive and ‘GANG’ shows just that and more with its sleek Hip-Hop choreography.


6. ‘WIN’

This performance has everything that makes San a revered performer. Energy, technique, facial expression, charisma you name it. The hype anthem filled with boisterous angst comes alive and is overwhelmingly palpable even through the camera. He proves how stage presence is not just looking at the camera and smirking but how you command the stage throughout with your dance skills, consistent energy, and on-point facials.


7. ‘ROCKY’

San rode high on the fresh energy and excitement of an in-person tour after two years. ‘ROCKY’ is San’s personal favorite and he devoured the vibe of the song and gave a powerful performance that is criminally underrated.


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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