7 Methods the Movie Ought to Reference the Unique Sequel

The 2022 return to the influential horror movie franchise Scream supplied moviegoers an ideal mix of legacy and new blood, organising the franchise for an uncharted sixth entry. Regardless of the thrilling likelihood to reinvent the present state of Scream, there’s additionally the distinctive alternative to point out respect to Scream 2, the unique sequel.

Due to its usually debated standing as probably the greatest entries within the franchise, a number of timeless parts of Scream 2 could possibly be seamlessly built-in into Scream 6 in an effort to elevate its depth.

The Return of Kirby Reed

Hayden Panettiere as Kirby in Scream 4.

One thing that made Scream drastically extra attention-grabbing than the typical slasher title was the truth that its sequel immediately adopted its protagonist, with some surprising upgrades. In Scream 2, Sidney could look like a lot harder than her first preliminary serial killer encounter, however the second installment nonetheless takes time to discover the ramifications of being a survivor.


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Within the new movie, followers are getting the second chapter for each Sam and Tara (the 2 main characters of Scream’s next-gen solid) but additionally Kirby’s first replace because the Scream 4 bloodbath. If Sidney takes a movie off, this could possibly be an effective way to offer others that very same highlight with out risking the reigning scream queen’s security. Whereas the brand new solid nonetheless has loads of potential character development to discover, the mind-blowing return of Kirby would possibly simply be probably the most distinctive and electrifying scream queen revivals that the slasher style has ever seen.

Newfound Fame

Cast of characters from the Scream franchise.

When Scream 2 started, the occasions of Scream had grow to be a worldwide phenomenon, inflicting Sidney to get focused by prank callers, serial killers, and paparazzi. Now that the murders have picked again up, it presents an identical platform for its youthful solid.

To see characters like Tara, Sam, Mindy, and Chad try to navigate that in each optimistic and unfavourable methods might provide followers a self-aware, modernized tackle the Windsor Faculty slasher-spree. Plus, after Jill’s crafty Scream 4 reveal and prophecy about fame, there must be an opportunity that one in every of them might take it a little bit too far.

Bonded Survivors

The Ghostface Killer from the Scream franchise.

With whodunnit movies, it may be exhausting to determine a stable group price rooting for, and the trio from Scream 1-5 grew to become an apparent, lovable unit throughout the occasions of the second entry. Due to the concept that Scream 6 can have the most important variety of survivors returning up to now, it is clear that the frequent denominator amongst the solid is strictly survival.

There might simply be a survivor behind the masks within the subsequent movie, however even when that is the case, bringing this explicit group collectively ought to provide clear perception into any related trio dynamics with Kirby, Sam, Tara, Mindy, and Chad shifting ahead. As great as it could be for all 5 to make it out alive, any Scream character that does dwell ought to take part within the formation of one thing new.

Enhanced Chase Sequences

A still from one of the Scream franchise's chase sequences.

There very probably is not a Scream fan on the market who does not hope to expertise the epic chase scenes the franchise is recognized for delivering. Even now, the second entry to the franchise arguably presents a number of the most top-tier chases in horror from Gale Weathers to Casey “Cici” Cooper.

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If Scream 6 can be taught from something in Scream (2022), it is that followers actually wished to see extra Ghostface pursuits on account of that incomparable depth. Now that viewers know these characters extra totally and the stakes finally really feel greater, why not take a beat to extend the suspense?

A Randy Re-Do

Randy Meeks from the horror movie Scream 2.

Randy’s dying in Scream 2 was a essential, but grim second that helped make the franchise painfully sting when it must regardless of leaving film lovers who linked with Randy feeling heartbroken. Luckily, issues could possibly be altering for the in-film style followers within the subsequent cinematic occasion.

As of now, it has been confirmed that we now have two Randy-esque characters within the subsequent film, one in every of which is fan-favorite Kirby, who narrowly escaped dying and have become probably the most viral response to casting since Neve Campbell’s affirmation within the fifth movie. Bringing again Kirby and connecting her with Randy’s semi-like-minded niece Mindy, could possibly be the one alternative to lastly alter the destiny of the horror aficionados as soon as and for all.

Bloodline Enlargement

The Ghostface Killer as seen in the 2022 Scream reboot.,

The killer’s unmasking within the second movie introduced a rollercoaster reveal and shock revelation, as Billy’s mom grew to become the second Loomis to wield a knife. As of now, Scream 6 already confirmed the return of two essential pairs of siblings with their very own legacy connections, inflicting the celebs to align for one thing extra familial.

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Certain, Scream did not too long ago introduce followers to Billy’s daughter, however maybe a few of these legacy characters can dive a little bit deeper into some household secrets and techniques or shared resentments. For instance, the Meeks-Martin siblings have loads of causes to be triggered by the occasions of a sequel that would cause them to be attainable killers, however regardless, there’s nonetheless the thriller of Sam and Tara’s mother to be additional explored.

A Profitable Stab Revival

A poster from the Scream in-universe movie Stab.

Other than the characters gaining notoriety for surviving the Woodsboro 3.0 bloodbath, one inevitable change is that Hollywood within the Scream universe has to be capitalizing on the horrors.

In Scream 2, the opening dying befell in an precise theater throughout the movie’s opening weekend, so whoever takes up the psychotic mantle will probably wish to attain that acquainted consideration indirectly. After listening to incessant jokes surrounding the hilarity of Stab 8, maybe the Stab legacy can begin to enhance the franchise’s practically excellent popularity proper on time for extra fashionable mayhem.

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