8 Male K-Pop Groups Who Have Slayed Covers Of EXO’s Songs

Legends in their right, many K-Pop idols refer to them as a source of inspiration and role model. So, it is no surprise that they are a favorite for songs covers by other K-Pop idols. With a discography filled with bops, EXO has songs that will fit into any concept, theme, or genre, giving many idols a variety of choices to choose from.

Not many can cover an EXO song perfectly, to many fans and viewers, their songs have are often tagged as one of the hardest K-Pop songs to perform, however, these groups have come close and probably exceeded that said hurdle.

Here are some of the idols groups who have slayed an EXO song or performance cover.


1. ATEEZ – ‘Growl’


One of the most iconic cover performances of EXO songs, ATEEZ in their usual style, took this song and made it their own. This performance of EXO’s legendary song ‘Growl’ was fierce, sexy, confident, thrilling, and sensational. Similar elements that some might rightfully agree is almost comparable with the original version.






TO1 is probably one of the idols who have covered an EXO song the most and frankly, like fans, we cannot complain because they do it so very well. The rookie boy group are proving to be performance monsters with their ever so breathtaking and powerful performances. Fiery and exciting from start to finish, the idol group delivered a perfect cover that many EXO-Ls and TOOGETHERs will be proud of.




With the level of intensity, the facial expressions, the strong and captivating presence. With every performance, CIX has been wowing fans and viewers with their impressive growth and talents and on this stage, like others, they didn’t disappoint. They delivered a breathtaking performance, the kind that would probably have viewers saying “that was a good performance” after watching it. Click here to watch the exhilarating dance practice video of this song. 


4. A.C.E – ‘Obsession’


The members of A.C.E might be the new fan obsession and we completely understand why. Detailed to perfection, they perfectly mirrored EXO so well that to a none fan, this could as well be EXO. From the outfits to the makeup, to the choreography, and the facial expressions, it is usually not an easy fit to match or replicate EXO’s level of energy on stage but with this performance, A.C.E might have just done that. They clearly understood the assignment.




‘CALL ME BABY’ is one of EXO’s songs that is filled with so many layers and complexities that would generally make it difficult to cover. From the resonant vocals to the fast-paced popping dance moves, and the straining rap verses, these elements are some of the reasons why the song is not so easy to cover. But for THE BOYZ, it was a challenge accepted as they not just covered the song but delivered with so much finesse, charisma, and energy that made this song feel not like a cover but their own song.



Why does it feel like Christmas in February? Oh! It’s all thanks to Golden Child. This performance of EXO’s ‘The First snow’ would give you all the feels you had (or wish you had) during Christmas. Cute, fun, sweet and all so emotional, Golden Child with their melodious vocals performed this song with so much glee and joy that when watching it today, would probably make you say “take me back to Christmas”.


7. ONEUS – ‘Tempo’


ONEUS’ cover of EXO’s ‘Tempo’ is a statement of their outstanding talents. The idol group known for their theatrical and unique stage performances took probably one of EXO’s hardest songs to perform, and delivered accordingly, even exceeding expectations. From the exhilarating rap verses to the harmonious vocals and the insanely fast popping dance moves, this stage performance filled with so much magnetic energy pulling you in to have a great time was nothing short of a masterpiece. 


8. SF9 – ‘Love Shot’


Sexy, elegant, and with a hint of mystery that makes you crave more, SF9 delivered one of the most iconic EXO covers of all time. 2 minutes of pure bliss and excitement, it is no surprise that SF9 nailed this stage (especially when a member of the group is an EXOL). This viral performance projected the fact that SF9 can definitely fit into any concept and style, and still deliver a fantastic stage performance with the same unique qualities that have always made them outstanding. 


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