8 THE BOYZ’s JuYeon Stage Performances That Had Viewers In Awe Of His Talents

THE BOYZ’s JuYeon is a proficient artist and an amazing stage performer. His stage performances always leave fans and viewers mesmerized and perplexed as many often wonder just how good can he get? With an eagle-like focus, a stage presence that shows the levels of emotions and passion for his craft through his facial expressions, powerful dance moves, and his ability to entice and engage the audience throughout his performance. His stage performances are more than just performances, it is an art piece.

Never a dull or flawed moment on stage, here are some of his performances that have left fans and viewers in shock and amazed by his talents.


1. MBC “Music Festival 2021” – ‘Tiger Inside’


What was already an astonishing stage collaboration become even more shocking when JuYeon flawlessly delivered a wonderful performance. Alongside fellow THE BOYZ member Q, Stray Kids’ Lee Know, ONEUS’ HwanWoongPENTAGON’s Kino, ASTRO’s MoonBin, and AB6IX’s Kim DongHyun, the 98 liners performed SUPERM‘s hit song ‘Tiger Inside’ with such prowess, precision, and fierceness that befits the qualities of a tiger who’s ready for dinner. To say JuYeon devoured this stage would be an understatement. His moves were powerful yet sleek, bouncing and flowing with the same stride and agility as a tiger.



2. ‘The Stealer



The beginning of this video shows just how incredible JuYeon’s duality is and his level of professionalism. Always ready to perform, like a switch, he turns on and immediately lights up the stage with so much shine that one might have to squint their eyes to see him as the glow he radiants is blinding. His energy, his sharp dance moves, his captivating visuals, and enchanting facial expressions, in this performance, JuYeon left it all on stage (as he always does) and fans couldn’t be more excited.




His shirt might say ‘Rescue’ but do fans really need saving from a JuYeon performance? Absolutely not! In this video, once again, JuYeon showed off why he is often regarded as one of the best stage performers with a thrill ride of a performance. When an idol truly enjoys performing on stage, that energy flows to the audience. His overflowing charisma, his facial expressions that show you how happy he is, his long limbs and movement emphasize that choreography with so much detail and intricacy. ‘Thrill Ride’ was already a fun pop song and with this performance, it got even better.




When JuYeon sings “I’m a maverick”, it is a clear statement of the fact that he truly is phenomenal. The center of attention, his energy was so magnetic on this stage. Filled with so much passion, it literally glares through his eyes, he completely immerses himself into his performance, and for the next 3 mins or so, you get to see an individual whose sole aim is to make sure you get the reason why he deserves to be on stage.


5. SBS “Gayo Daejeon Special 2021” – ‘Mirotic’


At this point, JuYeon might be one of the most sorted after stage performers. Alongside Stray Kids’ HyunJin, ASTRO’s MoonBin, SF9’s Yoo TaeYang, and WOODZ, JuYeon gave an incredible stage cover performance of TVXQ‘s song ‘Mirotic’. The catalyst that spurred an incredible and unforgettable stage performance, he starts off this performance with so much energy and precision in his movements. Powerful, refined, and flowing ever so gracefully, his delivery of this choreography and stage performance is truly a sight to behold.


6. Mnet “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR” – ‘The Red Wedding’


In this performance, JuYeon shows he is a skilled dancer and his level of mastery is unmatched. Utilizing every bone and muscle in his body, he beautifully told a story through his performance. His stamina, his core movements, his elongated limbs, twists and turns, every move he made on this stage hit its mark and left a note in the memory of viewers.


7. Mnet “Road to Kingdom” – ‘Checkmate’


It would seem that with every stage performance JuYeon has made note that he is not just about his visuals but in him holds a vast array of talents, many of which he’s probably not yet shown to the world. His ability to keep growing and becoming better seems to come from a sheer determination to be one of the best and is backed up by consistent practice and refining his inborn talent. This stage in comparison with others shows just how much he has grown and developed as a stage performer and how much more he has to give. Can we take a moment to acknowledge his in-synched movements with fellow member Q at 2:29 minutes? Absolutely mesmerizing.


8. Mnet “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”- ‘It’s One’ (Dance Unit)


If viewers needed a video description of what a “stage presence” was, then this fancam of JuYeon’s performance in Mnet’s “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR” would be the perfect example. Right from the very second, he appears on the screen, you are already mesmerized by his enchanting and mystifying facial expression. Befitting the character he plays in this performance, he controlled, commanded, and owned this stage performance. The table flip he did at 2:20 minutes was breathtaking. A split-second move that might have taken lots of practice to perfect serves as a clear example of just how much of a hardworking and talented performer he truly is. 

Did we share any of your favorite stages? Comment down below some of your favorites. 


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