9+ K-Pop Idols With The Most Unexpected True Heights, According To Fans

Recently on Reddit, a post was made for K-Pop fans to discuss idols who are taller or shorter than they expected. There are some idols who give off tall, elegant, or powerful energies that are actually on the shorter side, while others have a cutesy or delicate aesthetic that hides how tall they actually are! Here are 9+ idols with surprising true heights that were discussed on the post.

1. Jimin (BTS)

While Jimin is the shortest member of BTS (though not by a lot — Suga is only ever so slightly taller than him), and he gets teased for it quite a bit, in reality, he’s really not that short! He is reportedly 174cm (or 5’9″) tall, which makes him taller than the average South Korean male, which is 171cm (or 5’7″)!

2. All of SEVENTEEN’s tallest members



SEVENTEEN has been doing more mature concepts lately, but for the longest time, they really rode on the soft flower boy aesthetic and did more elegant, cutesy, and playful concepts. Because of this, it’s easy to forget that they have some of the tallest idols in their group! Mingyu is the tallest at 187cm (6’2″), Wonwoo and Jun come at a close second at 182cm (6′), while DK is also up there at 179cm (5’10”).

3. Chenle (NCT)

Since the youngest members of NCT DREAM, Chenle included, debuted at the age of 14, it’s easy to forget that he’s now a 20-year-old adult and has grown! With his still soft and cute features, some fans might be surprised to learn that he’s actually 179cm (5’10”) tall.

4. All of Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a group that has so much power and charisma on stage, they give off the vibe of being a tall, big-membered group. On the contrary, that isn’t actually the case! Their tallest member, Hyunjin, is 179cm (5’10”), and only Seungmin is at the 5’10” mark (at 178cm). The rest of the members are all 172cm (5’8″) or less, and the shortest member, powerful rapper Changbin, is just 167cm (5’6″)!

5. Momo (TWICE)

Momo has such long, gorgeous legs and goddess-like proportions, it’s easy to believe that she’s on the taller side when it comes to female idols. However, that’s not the case! The elegant dancer is actually only 163cm (5’4″) tall, which is around the average height of all of TWICE’s members.

6. Irene (Red Velvet)

Like Momo, Irene gives off such an elegant and long-limbed aura that her true height might come as a surprise. She clearly knows how to wear clothes that accentuate her legs to make them look longer, because she’s only 160cm (5’3″), making her the shortest member of Red Velvet along with Yeri!

7. All of TXT

On the opposite end of the spectrum than Stray Kids, TXT’s concepts and aesthetics tend to be on the youthful, playful side that sometimes makes them seem younger than they are. However, it’s a fairly well-known fact that they are, in fact, giants! The shortest member, Taehyun, is 177cm (5’10”), while the tallest, Soobin, is a whopping 185cm (6’1″). Three of the five members are 6′ tall or taller!

8. YooA (OH MY GIRL)

Yet another elegant and graceful dancer who gives off taller vibes than she actually is, YooA had several fans on the post mentioning her because of her surprising true height. Her long limbs and doll-like proportions hide the fact that she’s actually just 161cm (5’3″) tall!

9. Nako (former IZ*ONE)

It’s not a surprise necessarily that Nako is on the shorter side, but some people might not realize how small she actually is! When she was in IZ*ONE, there was a reason why she looked so tiny compared to 173cm (5’7″) tall Wonyoung — she’s actually just 150cm (4’11”) tall, making her one of, if not the, tiniest idols in K-Pop history!

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