9 Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Great Cooks

For fans, many K-Pop idols are good at everything and cooking is one of them. These multi-talented idols do not just know their way on stage, but also in the kitchen too. Seeing idols display this skill set often gives off a domesticated and homely vibe that many are not used to seeing from them.

While we have seen many funny idols’ cooking fails content, we’ve also seen the content of idols who actually can make a delicious meal, and here are some of them.





The EXO member is famous for his vast array of talents and cooking is one of them. In various EXO content, with the “XiuMin Housewarming party” being the key focus, we see him help a lot in the kitchen, and while he does make a mishap, which spurs the cutest reaction ever, his food still tasted good as the other members seemed to enjoy it a lot.




In many ATEEZ video contents, we have seen WooYoung display his skills in the kitchen. He seems to be the cook in the dorm, as members have often made comments about him cooking. For instance, the “hangry HongJoong and the beef” story shared on “Weekly Idol”. His cooking skills seem to be cherished by the other members too and he often uses them as his tasters. PS: check out his cute angry pout in this video when member YeoSang orders fried chicken while he was slaving away, making dinner for them. His cute pouting was over after he was offered a drumstick though. He also has a 4 episode cooking show on YouTube.




In “GOING SEVENTEEN“, we have oftentimes seen MinGyu making meals for the other members who always seem to appreciate his cooking. Cooking could be his other specialty as in scenes where the members have to cook, MinGyu is always at the helm of things, either grilling meat, giving instructions, or assisting the other members who seem to look towards him for help. He is often called “MingJooBoo” which means “Ming Housewife” for his domesticated skills.




The idol has been showing off his cooking skills in recent vlogs and we must say, it is quite refreshing to watch. And we are sure fans feel the same way too. In the first video, the idol takes us through his whole cooking process, starting with grocery shopping. Fans find his highly relatable moments like counter-checking the prices on the internet and between stores while giving reviews about them very endearing and real. In the second video, viewers get to see him actually prepare and devour a beef tenderloin. Yum!




Is there anything SHINee’s Key cannot do? We think not. In various episodes of the reality series “I Live Alone“, we have seen Key show off his cooking skills in the kitchen. Even going as far as making his neighbors, the casts, and fellow member TaeMin. All of whom greatly complimented his cooking abilities.




NU’EST BaekHo is as fiery in the kitchen as he is onstage. In the first video, viewers get to see firsthand, the idol making his way around the kitchen. Like a true chef, he gradually takes viewers through his process while making a delicious platter of food. 




BTS’ Jin has often expressed his love for eating good food, so it is safe to say he is a good cook too. In contents like “In The Soop” we see him work his way around the kitchen, preparing delicious meals that make his other members react with so much joy and ask for seconds.





The multitalented K-Pop idol who literally excels in everything he does could also add cooking to the list. He prepares his food in a manner that befits a Michelin star restaurant. With so much care and precision, viewers cannot help but salivate at the thought of how good the food could taste.




The NCT members are talented in everything and that includes cooking too. TaeIl is often regarded as one of the best cooks in the group, with skills that often leave fans and other members in awe and eagerly waiting to taste his meals. He also has a cooking show on YouTube called “Master Moon Chef” and it features other NCT members. 


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