A Fire Girl and Water Boy Have a Steamy First Meeting in Pixar’s “Elemental” Trailer

Fire and water might be the perfect pair in the trailer for Pixar’s newest movie, “Elemental.” The upcoming feel-good animated feature tells the story of Ember, a girl made of fire who moves to Element City. There, people made of fire, water, air, and land all live together, but fire people are, of course, considered too different from everyone else. But then Ember meets Wade, a man made of water, and everything changes for them as they figure out how their two elements can safely mix.

Disney and Pixar released the movie’s teaser trailer on Nov. 17 and in it, Ember walks through a crowded bus. It also shows shots of life in Elemental City — earth people blooming at random moments, air people floating to the end of the bus, and water people doing their best to keep from sloshing all over the place. Ember stays incognito in a hoodie as she makes her way through them. But when she drops her headphones, she and Wade reach for them at the same time and a drop of his water creates steam when it touches her flames. The short ends there, teasing the strange and beautiful world of the upcoming new film.

Ahead, read everything we know about “Elemental,” including the cast and release date.


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