A News Station Continually Has To Clarify That It Is In No Way Associated With BTS’s V—Here’s Why

A news station has to continually clarify that it is in no way associated with BTS‘s V


THV11 is not another name for BTS member V. It is actually a news station in Little Rock, Arkansas.

THV11’s official Twitter account has been around since 2008 before BTS ever debuted. Yet, recently the account kept getting mixed up with BTS’s V.




Reportedly, THV11 has been receiving comments on their posts and direct messages for V as if netizens believe the idol to be the account owner.

So, the day after V celebrated his birthday on December 30, THV11 tweeted a clarification. The news station emphasized that it is, in fact, “not Kim Tae-hyung (V of BTS)” while also thanking everyone for birthday wishes.

Of course, ARMYs raised their eyebrows in suspicion.

Most of the comments under THV11’s post said it sounded like something V himself would say…

Others simply continued to wish V a “Happy birthday!”

A few days later, THV11 even had to address the confusion again. This time, they tweeted that it’s “not a joke” and reported that they have been receiving messages from netizens who believe they are messaging V.

Of course, that tweet went even more viral than the first. While the original THV11 tweet got around 4K likes, this one got 24.3K! With a hit tweet on their hands, they commented a self-promo in more ways than one. They told everyone to subscribe to the THV11 YouTube channel, download the app, but also “stream BTS!”

With the promo at the end especially, ARMYs were suspicious now more than ever…

Others said THV11 would have “better luck changing their station ID.”

Of course, the reason for all the confusion with THV11 is that their Twitter handle looks very similar to V’s Instagram handle. The only difference is that V’s is “thv” in all lowercase and has no “11” at the end.

| @thv/Instagram via @streamfortae/Twitter

Whether the confusion is legit or not, ARMYs can’t deny amusement of the whole situation.

So, despite THV11’s many clarifications and disclaimers, ARMYs continued to clown the “news station.”

| Twitter

THV11 even ended up on the iconic Keep Strugglin Twitter account for all those who struggle in the world of K-Pop.

Thankfully THV11’s social media manager has a sense of humor too. They’re enjoying the jokes as much as ARMYs are!

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