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Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: Bland Revelations

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: The new episode is titled Revelations: Khulasa. Directed by Robbie Grewal, the Disney+ Hotstar series stars Tamannaah Bhatia, Abhishek Banerjee, Shivin Narang, Danish Iqbal, Rahul Bagga, Kriti Vij, Sanjeev Chopra, Nishu Dikshit. The story is written by Saurav Dey, and the show is based on the Delhi Burari Deaths of 2018.

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Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Recap/Review Contains Spoilers

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: Plot Summary

In Aakhri Sach Episode 5, Anya informs her senior that she found Bhuvan’s diaries which have a lot of information about the family. Anya and her team start reading the diaries. In the flashback scene (March 2017), Bhuvan tells his wife that he felt like someone was pulling him inside when he was swimming in the lake. But suddenly, everything was fine as his dad came back and helped him. Anshika tells her family that she is unhappy with the guy she met. Her family tries convincing her to agree to the union as she is Manglik, and finding a guy is difficult. Bhuvan comes in support of Anshika.

Later, Bhuvan tells Anshika that he had a word with his father and that soon she will find a good guy and be given a job promotion. In April 2017, he again helped his son by using his father’s voice. Bhuvan has written many such weird philosophical things in the diaries. The cops inform the media that they’ve found the family’s registers, which will help solve the case.

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: Bland Revelations
Still from the show

The episode then reveals who leaked the Chamatkari Baba’s information to the media. We are shown more of Bhuvan “helping” the Rajawat family with his father’s help. He does some kind of puja and lectures his family on what they should do by standing in front of his dad’s photo.

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: Discussion

For an episode titled Revelations, we are hardly offered anything crucial. From episode 3, it was revealed that Bhuvan has been acting strange and manipulating his family. But the last two episodes have refused to make any progress. The police station drama is frustrating and does nothing to the story. It is tiring to watch Anya’s constant frown and confused expressions.


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Suddenly, the fiance Aman is out of the picture. What was the point of wasting time focusing on his track? Every time the makers add an unnecessary distraction or hurdle to the investigation, Anya and her team forget about it and move on to something else.

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: Bland Revelations
Still from the show

All the sequences featuring the Rajawat family appear dull rather than disturbing. The Burari Deaths Case shook the nation in 2018. But the Disney+ Hotstar show treats it like a daily soap drama with weird sound and visual effects when it focuses on Jawhar Rajawat. The lazy and boring writing and the lack of conviction in the actors’ performances ruin the viewing experience.

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review/Recap: Final Thoughts

Overall, the fifth and penultimate episode of Aakhri Sach was bland and soulless. The diaries were the biggest clue that helped the investigation team seek the shocking answers in reality. But the show treated this part with sheer dispassion. It’s disappointing to see that a case that could’ve been a gritty and engrossing series is reduced to such a wearisome experience.

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 Review: Bland Revelations
Still from the show

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Have you watched the series so far? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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