Aaron Slammed After Fight With Genevieve In Bachelor In Paradise 2022

A contestant has been sent home because of a love revelation on Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Aaron is being slammed for trying to play the victim after Genevieve threatened to leave Paradise because of her partner’s lack of attention.

Genevieve was eager to express her true feelings for Aaron but she found out that it was difficult to spend some time with him. This was because he hung around with his buddies all the time. Aaron has clearly ignored her and spent a lot of time with his friends.

He even became frustrated when Genevieve expressed she wished for some time alone with him. Aaron questioned why is she coming at him and stated not to make him feel weird for spending time with someone. He revealed how she is making him feel like he neglected her.

Aaron further said, “… This is so frustrating because I’ve done everything right, and you constantly have to make something wrong with me… I don’t know how this can continue.” He further accused her of “gaslighting” by claiming she did not share her emotions. Genevieve was shocked and began to pack her bags.

Genevieve became frustrated as she shared all she wanted was to spend some time with him. She revealed that she was trying to tell him she is falling in love with him and had been asking him all day if they could go to the pool. The contestant further shared that she should not have to tell him that when there is an engagement at the end of all this.


“I think he’s forgetting that this isn’t a f**king bro vacation”

A frustrated Genevieve added, “I think he’s forgetting that this isn’t a f**king bro vacation”. She further iterated that they are not meant for each other and claimed there is nothing left for her to do to make it work. Aaron was complaining to Johnny that Genevieve does not care how he feels.

Genevieve decided to tell Aaron that she was leaving the beach and came downstairs. However, he hesitated when she wanted to talk to him and was sassy. Genevieve yelled, “Are you f*****g kidding me?” before running up the stairs to bring her bag.

Aaron followed her as she walked out of Paradise and told her how messed up it was that she got angry at him for spending time with his friends. He even accused her of leaving when things got difficult. Aaron expressed his frustration and claimed he wants to relax and have fun.

Genevieve responded to him saying, “Yesterday I realized I was falling in love with you and that’s why I wanted a conversation, I wanted some alone time. I wanted you to feel the same way. When I brought my emotions to you, and you reacted the way you did…”

Aaron described it as a big and scary thing and confessed he has deep feelings that are hard to express. He claimed the things she did can deeply hurt him because of how much she meant to him. Aaron then admitted to falling in love with her too and expressed that he does not want her to leave.

They kissed and made up as Genevieve came into Paradise again. Fans, on the other hand, expressed how they see this having a bitter end. A user expressed that Genevieve is doing the most but Aaron is wrong and it will end up bad. Another user shared that Aaron is talking about rat evolution while Genevieve is about their relationship. The user pointed out how this is peak male-female behavior.

Fans of Aaron switched sides after the episode and claimed that he fooled them the entire season. A user shared how he went from being a man to an emotionally immature person in minutes.

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