Abhishekam Telugu Serial ETV Cast, Who Are The Cast In Abhishekam Telugu Serial?

Abhishekam Telugu Serial ETV Cast

Abhishekam is an Indian Telugu drama serial, which Narayana Rao Dasari directed. It is based on Drama, Family, and Romance activities, made under the Narayana Rao Dasari’s production house Sowbhagya Media Ltd. People interested in watching the Abhishekam serial can watch it with the information below. Most of the people are mainly searching for the Abhishekam Telugu Serial Cast. You can get to know the Abhishekam Telugu Serial Cast in the following information, which has been listed below in the table. The table gives the Abhishekam Telugu Serial Cast name and their character name. 

Abhishekam Telugu Serial Cast 

Get the abhishekam serial actress’s real names and actors’ real names in the following information, which has been listed below in the table. 

Cast Names Characters Name
Vandana Gollu Subhadra
Priyanka Harini
Varsha Latha
Seethamahalaxmi  Tulasi
Pranay Hanumadla  Dev
Hinduja Chowdary Training teacher
Rohit Sahni Pujari
Nawazshaan Chakrapani
Rupamuggalla Latha
Sridevi Kumrani Sirisa Mother
Sireesha Nullu Archana
Monica Kadempali Rekha
Siddhart Varma NA
Seetha Mahalakshmi NA
Mirchi Madhavi NA
Ravi Kiran NA
Shyamala Devi NA
Sameera Sherief NA
Saimantha NA
Sai Dharam Tej NA
Priya Anand NA
Vishnu Priya NA
Hari Teja NA
Madhu Babu NA
Kaaruna Bhushan NA
Chinna NA
Ananya NA
Shyamala Devi NA
Dileep Teja NA
Kaushik NA

Abhishekam Serial Main Cast Images

Get the Abhishekam Serial Main Cast Images below.

Sireesha Nullu


Image Source: 99 chill

Madhu Babu



Image Source: Facebook


Pranay Hanumadla


Image Source: Instagram

Vandana Gollu


Image Source: Twitter



Image Source:  NETTV4U

Abhishekam Serial Main Cast Age

Get the Abhishekam Serial Main Cast age in the following table. 

Cast Name Age
Vandana Gollu 29 years old
Priyanka 26 years old
Pranay Hanumadla  30 years old
Sireesha Nullu 27 years old
Madhu Babu 31 years old

Abhishekam Serial Actors Names

The Abhishekam Serial Actors Names have been listed below. 

  • Pranay Hanumadla

  • Rohit Sahni

  • Nawazshaan

  • Rupamuggalla

  • Siddhart Varma

  • Ravi Kiran

  • Kaaruna Bhushan

  • Chinna

  • Kaushik

Abhishekam Serial Actress Names

The Abhishekam Serial Actress Names have been listed below. 

  • Vandana Gollu

  • Priyanka

  • Varsha

  • Seethamahalaxmi 

  • Hinduja Chowdary

  • Sridevi Kumrani

  • Sireesha Nullu

  • Monica Kadempali

  • Seetha Mahalakshmi

  • Mirchi Madhavi

  • Shyamala Devi

  • Sameera Sherief

  • Saimantha

  • Priya Anand

  • Vishnu Priya

  • Hari Teja

  • Madhu Babu

  • Sai Dharam Tej

  • Ananya

  • Shyamala Devi

  • Dileep Teja

Abhishekam Serial Language

Abhishekam Serial is a Telugu language serial, where the dialogue, script, names, the subtitle has been given in the Telugu language. Where the Telugu known people can watch it because they know that language well But few people also watch the Telugu serial to know and to learn the language. People who are eager to watch the Abhishekam Telugu Serial can watch it by the information given below about the timing, release date, etc. 

Abhishekam Serial 

Abhishekam Serial will be telecasted at 2 pm, from Monday to Saturday in the afternoon. It premiered on 22 December 2008. It is the longest-running Indian soap opera and went off the air on 1 February 2022. The show’s teaser has been released and telecast at 2 pm on Monday to Friday. Those who have not watched the trailer can watch it now, it has been given below for you to watch. 

Abhishekam Serial Trailer

Abhishekam Serial Trailer – Click Here

Abhishekam Serial Plot

The story is, Narasimham and Susheela have 2 children, Vinay and Sumathi. Vinay grows up hating his father because of Narasimham’s alcoholism. Narasimham also harasses his wife constantly. Because Narasimham Vijay’s sister dies, causes Vinay leaves the house, and he lives with Masaru and his family in a village. He stays with the family for 12 years, during which Mastaru’s daughter Rekha starts to love him. He rejects her love because of Rekha’s grandmother, against their union. He becomes a software engineer and marries his boss’s daughter Swathi. One day he accidentally meets his mother and Masaru, whom he learns about the critical health of Rekha, and Urged by his mother and Masaru, he also marries Rekha to fulfill her last wish due to her critical status. Rekha recovers and comes to Vinay’s home. 

Abhishekam Serial Overview

Get some more information about the Abhishekam Serial in the following information, which has been listed below in the table. 

Abhishekam Serial Details
Director: Narayana Rao Dasari
Genre Drama, Family,
Producer Dasari Padma
Airing Date 22 December 2008
Timing 2:00 P.M (Monday- Friday)
Channel ETV Telugu
Language Telugu

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