Actors Kim Woo Bin, Lim Ju Hwan, And Lee Kwang Soo Get Mistaken For BTS During “Unexpected Business 2”


Actors Kim Woo Bin, Lim Ju Hwan, and Lee Kwang Soo have gained attention for their appearance on the Korean reality series Unexpected Business 2. During the series, the top-tier stars made a guest appearance and took on the role of part-timers for the day.

(left to right) Lim Ju Hwan, Kim Woo Bin, And Lee Kwang Soo | tvN

Throughout the episode, the trio of actors took on some of the tasks and wowed netizens with their charisma and personalities. Considering how loved they are, it isn’t surprising that this episode gained a lot of love.

However, it also caught the attention of fans after the three were mistaken for none other than BTS!

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

During the episode, an elderly couple went to give a gift to actors Jo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun, who were temporarily managing the restaurant. At this point, Kim Woo Bin Lim Ju Hwan and Lee Kwang Soo came to say hello, but the woman asked who they were.



When the woman hilariously explained she didn’t know who they were, Jo In Sung joked that they had just debuted, and Chae Tae Hyun even added, “They are a three-member boy group.

The elderly couple then explained that they didn’t really know any K-Pop idols, and when Jo In Sung pointed out that they were popular in the US, the man asked, “Are they BTS?

Although many viewers thought that the man would be corrected, Jo In Sung chose to carry on this idea, and after explaining that they weren’t BTS, he added, “They were formed to beat BTS in the industry. They’re actually BBS.

After Jo In Sung made the statement, Lee Kwang Soo found it hilarious and couldn’t contain his laughter as they were given their aprons and set off to work. Yet, considering the trio’s visuals, even when they were wearing masks and aprons, they might be actors but could easily pass off as idols.


Of course, it isn’t a secret that they also have the talent to be idols. Netizens all know that all three of the actors have beautiful voices. In particular, Kim Woo Bin has always gained attention for his beautiful vocals that can capture the hearts and attention of anyone listening.

| beng501ts/ YouTube 

Although they might not be rivals to BTS and probably have huge respect for each other, it is funny that three of the most popular actors in Korean entertainment weren’t recognized. However, the masks, along with Jo In Sung’s explanation, probably didn’t help.

You can watch the full clip below.


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