Air Heat Pump- Is It A Considerable Option For The House?

Air heat pump has become an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking forward to a sustainable and eco-friendly method to generate heat within the house. So much household work can be done by using the air heat pump without inconvenience. 

It has also helped reduce electricity bills and satisfied homeowners with its properties. However, if you plan to install an air heat pump in your house, then learn about it first and determine whether it is a considerable option for your house. 

What is an Air heat pump?

An air heat pump is a device that transfers heat from outside space to indoors. These pumps work through a central heating system and provide houses with hot water. The Air heat pump is quite similar to a refrigerator. 

They absorb the heat from one medium and transfer it to another source. Moreover, the Luftvärmepump also works as a cooling system. Therefore, most house owners have started opting for Air heat pumps and placed them outside the house. However, there are mainly two types of air heat pumps available.

  • Air-to-air heat pump: These heat pumps absorb the heat from outside and then transfer it to the home directly using a fan system.
  • Air to water heat pumps: In these heat pumps, the heat is transferred from out to inside space through a central heating system. The system provides the house with hot water, a radiator, or underfloor heating. 

What things should you look at when installing an Air heat pump?

If you are thinking about installation of air heat pump into your house, then there are several factors that you should look at-

  • Costs: The cost is the first and foremost thing you should look at before installing the air heat pump. It generally lies between 8000 pounds to 18000 pounds. Moreover, additional costs might be included depending upon the size of the property and the air heat pump you pick. Moreover, if you are looking for an underground air heat pump, it will cost between 20,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds. 
  • Insulation: If you want a long-term investment, your house must be well insulated. It makes sure that the heat generated in the house isn’t escaping. 
  • Installer:  It is crucial to have the right installer to ensure that the air heat pump is installed appropriately. 

Why should a homeowner opt for an air heat pump?

Having an air heat pump in the house is not just a necessity, but it has become mandatory as it helps the homeowner in several ways. However, let’s look at how an air heat pump can help the homeowner.

Air heat pump results in low carbon heating. This is because the air heat pump is installed outside the house. Moreover, if you opt for coal or an electricity air heat pump, it will reduce carbon emissions. It is because, for every 3 to 4 units of energy production, the air heat pump uses only 1 unit of electricity. 

The electricity bills get reduced with the installation of an air heat pump. This is because; you are using the outside heat to fulfill the household chores’ cooling and heating needs. This way, electricity consumption is less, and you will save a lot of money. 

The best part of using an air heat pump is that homeowners get paid for the energy they produce. Therefore, it is known as a renewable incentive. Moreover, the homeowners also receive a green energy grant through which homeowner can save a lot of money. Moreover, the Air to water pumps is also eligible for receiving the domestic RHI. 

  • It can be used as both cooling and heating equipment

An air heat pump is suitable for both heating and cooling purposes. However, it depends upon the model you pick. Therefore, to know whether the air heat pump works for both purposes, you need to check the COP, which should be more than 0.7, to fulfilling the cooling needs.  

  • It can be used for space heating and hot water

Depending on your product, a homeowner can also use an air heat pump to heat the water. Therefore, it depends upon the water temperature in the heating system. Therefore, for heating the water, the flow temperature should be a minimum of 55 degrees Celsius. 

  • Easy installation process 

The installation process of an air heat pump is quite easy and takes less than two days. Moreover, ground source heat installation is even easier as it doesn’t require the hassle of the digging process. However, installation doesn’t require permission, but it is important to check with the local authorities. 

What is the cost of installing an Air heat pump?

Different types of air heat pumps are available at different watts. For example, if you pick an air heat pump with 19,000 Kwh, it will be between 884 pounds to 1500 pounds depending on the gas cost. 

Is there any maintenance cost associated with the Air heat pump?

The Air heat pump comes with a well-established technology that increases its life expectancy to 20 years. However, to make the air heat pump work properly for a long time, it is important to maintain it properly. And for that, here are some maintenance tips that a homeowner can consider. 

  • Make sure that the air heat pump has a hefty supply of Air. And for that, you need to clean the fan and grillers every few weeks. Moreover, remove any plants that are placed near the air heat pump.
  • If there is heavy snowfall, it is important to clean it thoroughly. Also, check if the grillers aren’t blocked because of the ice. 
  • Moreover, ensure you allow the air heat pump to work just like the installer recommended. The best thing a homeowner can do is keep the air heat pump alone. 

Will an Air heat pump save the electricity bill?

It is believed that an air heat pump helps in reducing the electricity bill. But it depends upon what type of air heat pump you are using, how much kwh it is off, and how it is operated. Therefore, if you install the air heat pump, you will witness a drop in your electricity bills. 

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