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Akuma Kun Ending Explained: Did Gremory Eat Akuma Kun’s Heart?

Akuma Kun Ending Explained: Akuma Kun (悪魔くん) is a Japanese anime that premiered on November 9, 2023 on Netflix. Based on the manga series written and illustrated by Shigeru Mizuki, the story follows a child prodigy who appears every 10,000 years. The series is directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki alongside Junichi Sato and the screenplay and series outline is given by Hiroshi Ohnogi. The anime is produced by Encourage Films under the supervision of Sakae Shibuya and it is presented by Toei Animation.

With a total of 12 episodes, the runtime of each is approximately 20-25 minutes. Executive produced by Daichi Nagatomi, the music is given by Akio Izutsu. Yuki Kaji voices the lead character, Akuma Kun/Ichiro Umoregi and Toshio Furukawa voices Mephisto III. The show is originally shot in Japanese and is available in both English dub and subtitles.

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Akuma Kun Ending Explained

After helping out a lot of people from their demonic possessions, Akuma-kun had to face his own at the end. When his father was entrapped by Strophaia, Akuma was forced to awaken his powers. He managed to restore the cracked Saloman’s flute, through which he was finally able to defeat his enemy. However, there was something that Akuma failed to anticipate which finally got to him in the end.

Who is Akuma Kun?

The protagonist of the show also goes by the name Ichiro Umoregi. Born every 10,000 years, a person is chosen to fulfil the role of Akuma-kun who possesses immense power and the special ability to summon any demon into the human world and banish them back. Moreover, he is the only one who can play the Soloman’s flute. However, he has an extremely nihilistic view of the world and looks at every situation from a rational point of view.

Akuma Kun Ending Explained: Did Gremory Eat Akuma Kun's Heart?
Still from Akuma Kun

Who is Gremory?


Gremory is a demon who first appeared in episode 2 of the series. The demon was called upon by the parents of a girl named Hina, to play the role of their daughter. However, as time went by, Hina’s presence became powerful and the demon got trapped inside the human body. Akuma was able to free her from the girl’s body and send her back into the demon world. But Gremory was fascinated by Akuma so she returned to the human world.

Akuma Kun Ending Explained: Did Gremory Eat Akuma Kun's Heart?
Still from Akuma Kun

Did Gremory kill Akuma-kun?

Gremory’s main motive to return to the human world was to eat Akuma’s heart. So she started to help him with the missions and in return she asked for her payment in letting her eat his heart. Gremory was instrumental during the fight with Strophaia and Akuma could not have won without her help. So, during the last few minutes, Gremory appears and stabs Akuma’s chest and literally eats his heart out.

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Did Akuma-kun die?

When Gremory stabs Akuma, there is a faint smile on his face. It can indicate that Akuma has yet again bested Gremory with his wits. He possesses a lot of unique powers and also has the ability to use the demons to his own advantage. The series ends on a cliffhanger but it will be interesting to witness how he overcomes this problem.

Akuma Kun Ending Explained: Did Gremory Eat Akuma Kun's Heart?
Still from Akuma Kun

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