Alicia’s Fever Pretend-Out Is Worse Than Strolling Useless’s Glenn Controversy

FTWD lastly resolves season 7’s working thriller round Alicia’s fever – and pulls a fake-out even worse than The Strolling Useless did with Glenn.

The Strolling Useless induced nice controversy with its Glenn demise fake-out, however Alicia’s Concern The Strolling Useless fever storyline would possibly’ve simply topped it. Character deaths and controversy are pure bedfellows, and The Strolling Useless discovered itself in a spot of post-apocalyptic hassle with season 6’s “Thank You.” Steven Yeun’s common Glenn Rhee obtained caught in the midst of an undead herd, and because the zombies descended upon his susceptible physique, demise regarded unavoidable. 4 episodes later, we be taught Glenn was protected by his companion’s corpse and managed to slide safely underneath a dumpster. Response to the fake-out was broadly unfavorable, and the scene has been cited as a contributing issue towards The Strolling Useless‘s viewership decline.


Alicia Clark has endured a equally tough time in Concern The Strolling Useless season 7. A chew from the zombified Senator Vasquez compelled Alicia into amputating her arm. The trick efficiently prevented her turning undead, however left Alicia with a everlasting fever she’s been caught with since Concern The Strolling Useless season 7 started. As antibiotics show ineffectual, Alicia turns into satisfied her sickness is the zombie virus slowly taking maintain, and her situation progressively worsens till “Amina,” the place she will be able to barely stroll with out assist. Then Concern The Strolling Useless takes a plunge in plausibility. Alicia bids farewell, resolving to make use of her closing days serving to strangers on the Tower. She waves to her pals, collapses on the seaside… then reawakens utterly healed along with her sweaty “I’m not nicely” make-up changed by a more healthy shade of peach.

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Concern The Strolling Useless leaves Alicia’s survival frustratingly open to interpretation. “Amina” suggests the fever broke naturally, as Alicia’s youthful self factors out, “Is not the fever what’s gonna kill the an infection?” Alternatively, Alicia would possibly’ve died on the seaside and her miraculous restoration is not actual (although heaven resembling a nuclear zombie apocalypse does not actually monitor). Regardless of the science is perhaps, Alicia’s fever vanishing is designed as a symbolic second. The protagonist’s overarching purpose all through Concern The Strolling Useless season 7 has been defending her folks – making all their sacrifices imply one thing. She achieves that (kind of?) when her pals paddle throughout the water in rafts, so the fever lifting is sort of a metaphor for the weight of accountability lifting. However, Alicia’s fake-out makes The Strolling Useless‘s “dumpstergate” incident appear fairly tame by comparability…

There isn’t any getting round it – pretending to kill Glenn was poor type on The Strolling Useless‘s half. The cliffhanger was a cheaply executed rug-pull that added little to the plot. Alicia’s personal unlikely escape from demise commits the identical sins as dumpstergate, however on a much bigger scale. A frequent criticism of Glenn’s faux-demise was how The Strolling Useless dragged out his destiny throughout 4 entire episodes. Had the cliffhanger been resolved the very subsequent week, The Strolling Useless would possibly’ve obtained away with just some dissatisfied groans. Concern The Strolling Useless has been peddling the “Alicia’s gonna die” line for over half a season, making Glenn’s fake-out look positively swift.

The Strolling Useless additionally confronted backlash as a result of nonsensical nature of Glenn’s survival. Nicholas’ corpse conveniently shielded Steven Yeun’s character from zombie bites, then Glenn managed to drag himself beneath the dumpster regardless of all that weight – unlikely, on the very least. Once more, Concern The Strolling Useless goes one higher with Alicia. Someway, this character has endured a continuing fever for months, and though all common drugs failed, a seaside nap does the trick. Glenn’s fake-out stretched suspension of disbelief; Alicia’s forsakes it totally.

However maybe the largest drawback with how Concern The Strolling Useless resolves Alicia’s fever is that the storyline genuinely regarded to be main someplace. Possibly Alicia was experiencing a beforehand unseen phenomenon of the zombie virus. Maybe her determined seek for a treatment led Concern The Strolling Useless towards a extra superior neighborhood like PADRE or the CRM. The fever would possibly’ve merely been how Alicia met her finish. In the end, nonetheless, the fever was simply… nothing – symbolism at finest, a fake-out that promised rather more at worst. For all the issues behind Glenn’s dumpster controversy, The Strolling Useless at the least signposted its intentions by not giving Steven Yeun the normal Speaking Useless sendoff, and positioning the dumpster prominently sufficient so viewers may theorize how Glenn would possibly escape.

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