All 5 Ships Captained By Jack Sparrow

Listed below are the ships that Captain Jack Sparrow captains within the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is the undisputed coronary heart of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, starring in all 5 film releases since 2003. Rumors proceed to swirl round Depp’s future on the seven seas, however for a lot of, it is arduous to think about the story persevering with with out Captain Jack swashbuckling his method from one catastrophe to the following. However simply as Jack is immediately recognizable as an iconic film character, so is the fictional Jack Sparrow well-known (on notorious, relying in your perspective) within the fictional world of Pirates of the Caribbean. Here is each Pirates of the Caribbean ship that Jack Sparrow captains.


Captain Jack has endured historical curses, arduous voyages, the British Navy, zombie pirates, the Kraken, and, worst of all, working out of rum. Jack’s exploits as a captain of the seas are legendary amongst his friends and enemies, affirming him as a person to be feared, revered, even perhaps beloved, however actually by no means trusted. This renown would by no means have been potential with out a collection of eventful stints as captain on a number of various pirate ships.

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Born into piracy, Jack was a prodigious expertise in his youth, and after a quick stint with the East India Buying and selling Firm, Jack resumed his buccaneering methods, and the 18th century’s reply to Keith Richards hasn’t seemed again since. However which Pirates of the Caribbean ship and crew have been unfortunate sufficient to name Captain Jack Sparrow their chief?

The Barnacle

Pirates of the Caribbean The Coming Storm cover

Even essentially the most legendary pirates typically have humble beginnings, and so it goes with Jack Sparrow, who made his bones on the Barnacle as an aspiring younger teenage pirate. A (very) modest fishing boat, the Barnacle was devoid of the bells and whistles Jack’s later ships would include, however served its goal in carrying Jack and his budding crew throughout their earliest adventures. The Barnacle makes her debut in Rob Kidd’s collection of official Pirates of the Caribbean books, which chronicle Jack’s youth lengthy earlier than the occasions of The Curse of the Black Pearl. After initially leaving with solely 2 crew mates, a barmaid and an aristocrat, the brand new Captain Jack quickly gathered extra mates and skilled the type of magic and mayhem even veteran pirates can solely dream of, discovering hidden cities, encountering mermaids, preventing a weather-controlling captain and, after all, looking for treasure.

Though the Pirates of the Caribbean ship was nothing greater than a single-sail vessel, younger Jack was capable of benefit from the full pirate expertise when he used the Sword of Cortés to show the undersized boat into a powerful, mighty warship. Renamed the Grand Barnacle, Jack captained his approach to victory over the British however ventured alone throughout this era, and finally, the Barnacle was returned to its former state. A lot to Jack’s dismay, his first true pirate ship got here to a fiery finish when the Barnacle discovered itself on the receiving finish of a cannonball meant for his personal father, Edward Teague.

The Truthful Wind

Pirates of the Caribbean Price of Freedom cover

After serving beneath a collection of pirate captains, together with Teague, Rapièr, and others, Jack discovered himself unwelcome by the pirate neighborhood for breaking their time-honored code. Unable to sail as a prison, Jack tried to go reliable and signed as much as the East India Buying and selling Firm, the place his intensive crusing expertise made for a fast rise by the ranks. Jack first stepped onto the corporate’s Truthful Wind vessel within the place of first mate beneath Captain Bainbridge. Regardless of solely being a typical service provider ship, this brig-class was an enormous improve on the Barnacle and made its sole look in A.C. Crispin’s The Value of Freedom novel in 2011. Considerably surprisingly, Jack largely caught to the principles whereas employed on the Truthful Wind, and attained the rank of captain not by mutiny or misdeed, however as a result of Bainbridge was killed throughout a pirate assault.

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As the primary mate, it adopted that Jack turned captain of the Truthful Wind and did so with aplomb. As fortune would have it, the invading pirate was as soon as romantically concerned with Jack throughout his swashbuckling days, permitting the newly-promoted Sparrow to achieve salvaging the cargo from Esmeralda’s pirate crew and bringing the vessel dwelling in a single piece. Having excelled beneath stress, the East India Buying and selling Firm rewarded Jack for his efforts by selling him to Captain of his personal ship.

The Black Pearl

Probably the most well-known ship in Pirates of the Caribbean was initially generally known as the Depraved Wench. Jack was assigned as her commander after he refused to be captain of a slave ship, whereas the Depraved Wench was designed merely for cargo. Though it was the East India Buying and selling Firm who first put Jack in official cost of the Depraved Wench, his historical past with the boat stretches again to the battle towards Pirates of the Caribbean 5‘s Salazar, by which the notorious Spaniard was defeated by a younger Jack Sparrow alone on the helm of the Wench throughout his early piracy days. In a unusual quirk of destiny, each the Depraved Wench and Jack in the end discovered themselves within the East India Buying and selling Firm and have been now reunited.

Lastly the captain of his personal ship as soon as once more, Jack skilled the identical type of attachment to the Depraved Wench as he did with the Barnacle earlier than, having fun with the liberty of the seas and the mastery of his personal future. As soon as once more, Jack resisted the temptations of piracy and saved on the straight and slender throughout his time on the Wench, however Sparrow’s staunch ethical code would quickly lead him away from the privateering world. Jack’s superior, Tom Hollander’s Cutler Beckett, as soon as once more tried to steer Jack Sparrow in direction of the slave commerce and, as soon as once more, he was refused. In response, Beckett banished Jack again into piracy and burned the Depraved Wench, whereas Jack did what any good captain ought to and went down along with his ship.

Together with his beloved ship falling to the depths, Jack made a cope with Davy Jones to boost the Depraved Wench as soon as extra. Renewed by magic and christened “the Black Pearl” as a result of being flame-grilled by Beckett, Jack’s ship was now the quickest within the Caribbean and the right vessel to begin his lifetime of piracy anew. Over the course of the Pirates of the Caribbean motion pictures, the Black Pearl repeatedly flits between the command of Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa and sees extra journey than ever earlier than. The fabled ship is consigned to Davy Jones’ Locker together with Jack in At World’s Finish and miniaturized in a bottle by Blackbeard in On Stranger Tides. The final followers noticed of the Black Pearl, she was as soon as once more captained by Jack Sparrow and looking for recent escapades.

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The HMS Interceptor

Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean

When The Curse of the Black Pearl begins, Jack Sparrow has been disadvantaged of the movie’s titular ship by Barbossa and is looking for to reclaim the boat from his sworn, undead foe. Jack’s pursuits conveniently align with these of Will Turner, whose lover (Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth Swann) has been kidnapped by Barbossa. Collectively, the unbearably good-looking duo plot to flee the port by hijacking one of many Navy’s personal ships — Captain Norrington’s HMS Interceptor, apparently the quickest within the fleet and second solely to the Black Pearl herself. After succeeding of their mission, the unlikely duo of Sparrow and Turner make for Tortuga, the place they assemble a pirate crew with the assistance of Jack’s trusted first mate, Joshamee Gibbs.

The Interceptor serves as Jack’s alternative ship throughout his first true voyage within the Pirates of the Caribbean motion pictures, however when the protagonists lastly catch as much as Barbossa and the Black Pearl, their fortunes take a flip. Proving its status for swiftness will not be with out benefit, the Black Pearl catches the Interceptor and Jack’s ragtag crew are taken aboard his previous ship, with not a lot in the best way of a pleasant welcome. After taking the crew hostage, Barbossa orders the Interceptor destroyed, and the ship is rarely seen once more in Pirates of the Caribbean‘s timeline.

The Dying Gull

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

This small sloop was launched in 2017’s Useless Males Inform No Tales and represented one other non permanent stopgap whereas Jack’s Black Pearl was in any other case unavailable to him, nonetheless shrunken inside Blackbeard’s bottle. Coming throughout the boat whereas it was marooned on the island of Saint Martin, Jack and his crewmates claimed the appropriately-titled Dying Gull as their very own, with Sparrow as its land-bound captain, however few believed the factor would really float if taken to sea. Luckily for Jack and his new companion, Will Turner’s son Henry, the Dying Gull was certainly seaworthy, and extra succesful than many gave her credit score for. Aboard the Gull, Jack, his crew, Henry and Carina set sail looking for the nautical legend the Trident of Poseidon however have been pursued by Salazar, looking for revenge on Jack for locking him within the Satan’s Triangle years prior.

With Barbossa in tow, Salazar features on the Dying Gull, at which level the ship’s crew resolve they need no a part of Salazar’s Pirates of the Caribbean vengeance towards Jack, mutinying and forcing their captain, Henry, and Carina to disembark. Gibbs takes the captaincy of the Gull for a quick time, though he swiftly passes the buck onto Scrum earlier than the Dying Gull falls into the arms of the British.

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Are Any Of Jack Sparrow’s Ships Based mostly On Actual Life?

Barbossa Looks At The Interceptor As It Burns In Pirates Of The Caribbean

A few of the components from the franchise are taken from actual life together with Captain Jack Sparrow himself. So, which of the Pirates of the Caribbean ships have been primarily based on precise vessels? There are six main ships within the collection which have real-life inspirations, and two of them have been captained by Jack Sparrow. Notably, the boat that’s featured essentially the most within the franchise, The Black Pearl, is impressed by a selected kind of vessel generally known as a “galleon.” Galleons have been primarily used between the sixteenth and the nineteenth century and have been pioneered by European nations, naval warfare, and service provider fleets. The massive ships have been multi-deck, square-rigged crusing vessels that usually featured three or 4 masts. An actual-life ship captained by Sir Henry Morgan was named “The Black Pearl,” however it sunk throughout battle.

The second of Jack Sparrow’s ships that have been primarily based on actual life was the HMS Interceptor. Showing within the first film, the Pirates of the Caribbean ship is definitely a carbon copy of the historic vessel generally known as “Woman Washington.” The boat in query was a small service provider crusing ship that was used within the later half of the 18th century. Funnily sufficient, the identical ship additionally appeared within the 1994 film Star Trek: Generations. Different boats featured within the franchise have their origins in actual life, such because the At World’s Finish vessel “The Empress,” which was captained by Sao Feng after which Elizabeth Swan. The Empress is predicated on Chinese language crusing ships, recognized solely as “junk,” and the boat remains to be in use to this present day. Its earliest designs have been used all the best way again in 2800 B.C.E., and the time period “junk” was initially a European time period used to explain medium-to-large ships that sailed close to China and Southeast Asia. Different Pirates of the Caribbean ship names primarily based in actuality embrace the East India Buying and selling Firm vessels, The Flying Dutchman, and Queen Anne’s Revenge. The movie’s ties to actual life solely serve to spotlight their extra fantastical components, pleasing followers of swashbuckling and nautical aficionados alike.

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