“All of Us Are Dead” Actor Yoon Chan Young Spills On His Nickname For Cho Yi Hyun, And It Showcases Her True Personality

After the success of Netflix‘s Squid Game and Single’s Inferno, the latest K-Drama that has caught fans’ attention is the zombie teen flick All Of Us Are Dead.

The series follows a group of students battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

The cast of the show | Netflix

One character who has gained a lot of positive attention from fans is Choi Nam Ra, played by actress Cho Yi Hyun. Throughout the series, she captivated viewers’ hearts with her role as the cold valedictorian and class president.

In the beginning, Choi Nam Ra is portrayed as a selfish and coldhearted individual. After the zombie outbreak, she opened up her heart to help her fellow students.

Cho Yi Hyun as Choi Nam Ra | Netflix


Yet, away from the cameras, Cho Yi Hyun couldn’t be more different. Not only have netizens praised her for idol-like visuals…


| @yihyun_1208/ Instagram

But the cast recently shared that she is the nicest and funniest person to work with due to her “dramatic” nature attempting to make her co-stars laugh.

| 문명특급 – MMTG/ YouTube

| 문명특급 – MMTG/ YouTube

In a recent interview with the four main cast members, it seems as if Cho Yi Hyun made even more of an impact on them that she earned a special nickname that showcases her true personality as a person.

Cho Yi Hyun recently appeared in an interview alongside Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, and Park Solomon, where they worked in teams, playing games and revealing some TMI about their time filming the series.

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube 

One question they were asked was which person would react and cope the best during a zombie attack.

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube 

Even though most of the cast thought lead actor Yoon Chan Young would be the best, he had someone completely different in mind, and it was Cho Yi Hyun. After knowing each other for so long, the actor couldn’t stop gushing about Yi Hyun and all of her skills.

She definitely holds some wisdom and skills coming from experience.

— Yoon Chan Young

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube  

Cho Yi Hyun is the oldest of the four, and she joked, “Apparently, 24 is an old age here,” and has repeatedly shared how she tries anything to try and get closer to the members who are more similar in age than they are with her.

I was always the baby, the youngest. But, over here, I am the one that leads them with great responsibilities as their big sister, ‘Follow me.’

— Cho Yi Hyun

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube  

Because of this, Yoon Chan Young revealed that Cho Yi Hyun had a special nickname when they were filming the show, and it was “Yi Hyun hyung,” using the Korean word males called other males older than them, rather than the term noona or unnie.

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube  

Someone then pointed out that she really took on the role of “class president,” just like her character. Yet, it seemed as if she acknowledged the reason the responsibility came naturally to her.

I think I felt more responsible because they kept up with me so well.

— Cho Yi Hyun

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube  

| 씨네플레이/ YouTube 

Although Cho Yi Hyun joked that they pressured her because she is the oldest, there is no doubt that she was a rock and helped the cast so much. Although she has starred in K-Dramas, such as Hospital Playlist, this show has shot her to fame and her acting is getting the praise it deserves.

You can read more about Cho Yi Hyun’s personality below.

“All of Us Are Dead” Actor Yoon Chan Young Spills The Tea On Cho Yi Hyun’s “Dramatic” Habits When The Cameras Aren’t Rolling

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