“All of Us Are Dead” Actress Cho Yi Hyun Found Park Solomon’s Weakness, And Netizens Can’t Stop Swooning Over Their Chemistry

The most recent Netflix K-Drama that has taken over the world is none other than the zombie-teen series All of Us Are Dead. 

During the series, netizens follow a group of students battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

“All of Us Are Dead” cast | Netflix

Despite the gruesome nature of the show, netizens have become obsessed with the young and charismatic cast of the series.

One duo who has captured the hearts of viewers with their chemistry both off and on-screen is Cho Yi Hyun, who plays Nam Ra, and Park Solomon, who plays Soo Hyuk. On-screen, they have this intense relationship that helps portray the show’s message perfectly…

Park Solomon (right) and Cho Yi Hyun (right) | Netflix


During interviews and on social media, the actors, born in 1999, have a friendship and relationship that can only be described as #goals.


| Netflix

In a recent interview with the cast, it seemed like their chemistry was on show again, and it was definitely the talk of netizens online.

On February 12, The Swoon released a video with the cast of All of Us Are Dead, and they had to answer questions about each other to see who knew the cast members the best. It was also the perfect way for netizens to learn about some of the rising stars in K-Dramas.

When it came to Cho Yi Hyun, one of her questions was, “What’s an unexpected skill I have?” Considering Cho Yi Hyun studied musical theatre, it wasn’t surprising that most of the cast thought it could be singing.

However, Cho Yi Hyun pointed out that it was more that she liked musicals, and Park Ji Hoo got the correct answer instead, focusing on her amazing flexibility.

Even though Cho Yi Hyun didn’t see it as her talent, Park Solomon couldn’t pass off his chance to promote how good she is, and he was even labeled “Yi Hyun’s cheerleader.”

As you already knew, she’s really good at singing.

— Park Solomon

If that didn’t have viewers swooning, Cho Yi Hyun’s next comment was enough to send the hardcore fans into meltdown, especially when it comes to talking about her chemistry with Park Solomon.

After hearing his compliment, Cho Yi Hyun explained, “You’re still blinded by love Soo Hyuk,” referring to Park Solomon by his character name. Unsurprisingly, the comment seemed to make Park Solomon blush as he tried to find a way to move the conversation away by adding, “She’s really good at singing…

When the video was posted, the comments were flooded with netizens falling in love with the chemistry between the two rising actors.

In particular, like other iconic K-Drama couples, fan raised their desire to see the duo in another drama together, but hopefully with a happier ending.

Aside from being absolutely adorable in interviews, their visual chemistry is also no joke. The two serve looks that could easily be seen in an idol group or even Hollywood.

With the show continuing to rise in popularity, both Cho Yi Hyun and Park Solomon will undoubtedly have many more opportunities to act in big shows, and hopefully, it’s together.

You can watch the whole video below.

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